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The Computer system is the platform to create, modify, and share important documents and files. The files can be MS Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Executable software, and PowerPoint presentations. All these documents are useful for each user, whether it is for personal or professional usage. The user needs to protect these files from accidental deletion or corruption. Here is a scenario of a user that you will not want to face –

I had working on marketing projects for 25 days and created several spreadsheets in a folder. Recently, I deleted some folders from my computer. But the same folder of the spreadsheet was also deleted. Now, I cannot face my manager with these reports, and my job is in jeopardy.

If you do not want to face the same scenario, then you should follow the below solution.

Working with computers is all about managing documents and files. Both, home users and officials on regular basis deal with lots of documents and files. The document/file they manage can be a word file, excel file, executable software file, image file, or any other type of file depending on their work. Suppose you are creating an important document from last 25 days, which you have to submit in your organization after 5 days. One day while working with the document, you accidentally press the DELETE key or due to any other reason like virus attack, the document gets deleted.

The hard work you have been doing in creating that document from last 25 days becomes wasted. Just after 5 days, you have to submit that document. Recreating the document in just 5 days is not an easy task. The work you have done in 25 days spending day and night cannot be completed in just 5 days. At this moment, what will be your next step to come out of this nightmare?


You can try following solutions to get the deleted document back in just few minutes:

The document, which gets deleted by pressing the DELETE key gets transferred into the Recycle Bin folder on your desktop. That document resides there until you do not empty the Recycle Bin or manually delete the document from there. Therefore, just open the Recycle Bin folder and restore the document.

If the document has been permanently deleted by pressing SHIFT + DELETE key or the document has been deleted due to any other reason then you cannot manually recover it. However, you do not need to panic about that because the document you have lost is not actually deleted from storage media. It is just marked as deleted; therefore, you can easily recover the document. But, to recover the document, you need to take help of the deleted documents file recovery software.

Kernel for Windows-deleted documents file recovery software helps you recover accidentally deleted document in short span of time with full accuracy. The software quickly scans the storage device where the document was stored before deletion. After completing the scanning process, Kernel for Windows-deleted documents file recovery software displays the recovered document, which you can save at a user defined location. While recovering the document, the software maintains the original document format and properties.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery can be installed on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery
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