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Change the way files to be shared in a Homegroup – Windows 7

Jarvis Flores Updated On - 02 Aug 2018

A Homegroup created in Windows 7 makes file document sharing and printer sharing, an easy task within your home network. Once in a Homegroup, you can share pictures, music, videos, documents, and printers with other people in the same Homegroup. Domain-joined computers can also be part of a Homegroup in Windows 7. USB connected printers are also shared using Homegroup feature. You can take security/permission measure in case you don’ want any other person to change the shared files in a Homegroup.

You can change the way files are being shared in a Windows 7 Homegroup. At times you share too much of files with your Homegroup in Windows 7 and sometimes not. You may want to put some limitation on the use of shared files for some users. You may want to limit the libraries or specific files users have access to. You can change the Homegroup sharing settings the way you want. Follow the given steps:

  • Firstly type Homegroup into the search box in the Start menu.
  • ˜Change Homegroup settings window appears where you just need to check the libraries and printers that you want to share.
  • You want to share a library and not the certain files. Go into the library and choose the file(s) you don’t want to be shared, and from the toolbar select Share with à Nobody. A lock icon gets associated with the files that you are not sharing with everyone.

You can also access the same options from the context menu.

This way you can also control what type of permissions a user has with different files. For instance you might want a user in the group to be able to read a document but not make any changes, so then you would make it Read only.

Windows 7 Homegroup feature makes it easy to share file, libraries, printers, etc. within a home network. Above mentioned steps provide you with full control to the file sharing and accessing.