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In this digital world, we use various technologies to make our lives simpler and more convenient. The growth of technology unlocks new opportunities and innovative ideas to create a revolution in the world. The evolution of technology elevates the organization to high standards and smoothens its operations. It helps in the easy access of the data remotely. But many applications also have certain risks, such as data corruption, breaches, and hacking. For this reason, many users prefer to store the data on their local devices.

If we talk about email management, you can save your emails on the local device by converting the .eml file to a .mbox file. There might be some reasons behind the conversion of file formats. For instance, when a user switches a company, changes the email client, or updates the email client.

EML: Electronic Mail (EML) is a file format used to store the email items such as email text, attachments, and formatting. EML format is supported by Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. This file stores the messages in plain text format and includes details such as sender, recipient(s), date & time of the message, etc. It is developed by Microsoft and utilizes the IMF (Internet Message Format) syntax for storing text messages.

MBOX: The email mailbox (MBOX) is a common file format supported by almost all open-source email clients. In this file format, the messages are saved in the concatenated format, where each message is listed one after another. As it provides a secure place to store your mailboxes for a long time, it is considered the best option for users. Different web-based applications allow users to export/save mail folders in MBOX files such as Gmail, Horde, etc. It comes under the category of database files which you can open in any text editor, such as Notepad, TextEdit, or Atom. The common MBOX file is INBOX.mbox, a primary Inbox mail folder in Apple Mail.

Methods to convert EML to MBOX

To convert the files saved in the EML file format to MBOX file format, you can use the two available methods, i.e., the Manual method and the Automated Method.

Manual method: Convert EML to MBOX using Mozilla Thunderbird

The bulk conversion of the file format using the manual method includes two stages:

  1. Configure the account in Thunderbird
  2. Export file to MBOX file format
Steps to configure an account in Mozilla Thunderbird
  1. Install the Mozilla Thunderbird and run the application in your system.
  2. Configure the email address in Thunderbird.
  3. Once your account has been configured, right-click on the local folder shown on the left pane.right-click on the local folder
  4. Now, create a new folder and drop your EML file here.create a new folder
  5. Finally, your EML file will be successfully added to the Mozilla Thunderbird.added to the Mozilla Thunderbird
Steps to Export EML files into MBOX using Thunderbird
  1. First, click on the option “Add ons and themes” inside the Account Settings.Add ons and themes
  2. You need to search ImportExportTools NG ImportExportTools NG
  3. Next, click on the Add to Thunderbird on the Add to Thunderbird
  4. Now right-click on the EML files folder and hit the “select Import Export Tools NG” option after restarting the application. Click Export folder now.Click Export folder
  5. Now, select the destination where you want to export the the destination
  6. Finally, check if your EML files are successfully exported into MBOX by visiting the location.

Kernel for MBOX to PST

Using the above manual method might face some difficulties as it is a long and monotonous process. For this reason, the automated solution is preferred, especially when you find the fastest method to convert EML to MBOX. When you plan for conversion via the automated solution, you should use its demo version first.

It is a good practice because you have other options available if you don’t find the specific tool beneficial. When you’re satisfied with the tool, you can switch to its licensed version. Different automated tools are available in the market; you can choose any of them based on your needs. While choosing from the various options, you can seek some of the most prominent features of the tool, such as bulk EML file conversion, support for naming conventions, filters, etc. So, you should try Kernel for MBOX to PST. This innovative tool can convert the EML files to MBOX file format. This tool also allows users to convert EML files into multiple formats such as PDF, PST, MSG, etc. In addition, users can use this tool to migrate EML files to different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

This tool can be the best for all your needs as it is also able to filter emails (by From, To, Date, Subject, etc.). In addition, this tool also offers a live preview of items before saving the mail in the desired location.


This blog suggests methods to convert EML to MBOX file format. It is safe and reliable to manually export the EML emails to MBOX formats without worrying about data loss or manipulation. But the manual method is not preferable as it includes a long and complicated process. So, you can try MBOX to PST for the conversion of EML files to MBOX files.

Kernel for MBOX to PST
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