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Summary: The 3GP format is limited by low quality and platform compatibility, prompting the need to convert it to AVI, offering better quality and broader compatibility. Online tools pose security risks, while professional software, like Kernel Video Converter, provides a safer and efficient solution.

What is a 3GP file?

The 3GP format serves as a multimedia file container designed to ensure audio and video compatibility with 3G mobile devices, while also extending support to select 2G and 4G devices.

In 1998, multiple telecommunications organizations collaborated to establish specifications and protocols for mobile telecommunications, forming the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). As part of this initiative, 3GP video files were introduced to reduce storage space and bandwidth requirements, ensuring compatibility with mobile phones.

What is the need to convert a 3GP file?

While the 3GP format is convenient for sharing multimedia files on mobile devices, it does have certain drawbacks, occasionally necessitating the conversion of 3GP files into alternative video formats:

  1. Low quality of the video-
  2. The resolution of a 3GP file is generally low due to its small size. It is not ideal for playing high-resolution videos.

  3. Limited media playing platforms-
  4. 3GP files were specifically designed for playing multimedia on mobile phones, which can lead to compatibility issues as some media players and platforms may not support the playback of 3GP video files.

    Due to these limitations, there arises a need to convert these file formats into something much more flexible like AVI files.

What is an AVI file?

AVI, short for Audio-Video Interleave, is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft. True to its name, it seamlessly combines audio and video data.

Advantages of an AVI file-

An AVI file helps to overcome the limitations of a 3GP file in the following ways-

  1. AVI files offer high-quality audio and video.
  2. The AVI format is compatible with almost all multimedia playing platforms.
  3. AVI is widely recognized for advertisements, movies, and promos by individuals because they are familiar with the format.

These reasons provide an edge to AVI file format over 3GP files.

Methods to convert 3GP file into AVI file-

Online conversion tools-

The first way is the one in which you can convert 3GP files into AVI files is by using video conversion tools that are available online.

Some of these online converters are-

  1. Online Convert
  2. Zamzar
  3. Convertio
  4. Convert.Files

Simply upload the file you wish to convert, and the converter will handle the rest. These online conversion tools are incredibly user-friendly and do not demand any technical expertise. Nevertheless, they do come with several drawbacks:

  1. Safety issues
  2. When you save the converted video file to your system, it can expose your system to various virus issues and security threats. Additionally, certain websites may request users to provide their email addresses.

  3. Privacy concerns
  4. Online converters are not suitable if you are working on sensitive and confidential information.

  5. Quality loss
  6. Frequently, the quality of the video file can deteriorate when using such converters, making it challenging to restore the original high-quality content.

  7. Limited file size
  8. There is usually a limit to the file size, which restricts converting larger video files.

Converting 3GP files into AVI files using Video Conversion Tool

Online free video converter tools have their limitations, which is why using a professional tool can be a safer and more beneficial choice. Kernel Video Converter, for instance, excels in these aspects, offering features like no file size limitations and maintaining the quality, preserving it just like the original.

Just follow these simple steps to convert your 3GP video file into an AVI file-

STEP 1- Install the tool and start it by double-clicking on its icon.

STEP 2 – Click on plus sign ‘+’ to add our 3GP video files for conversion.

add 3GP video files

STEP 3 – Browse the folder containing the 3GP files, select files and click ‘Open’ to add them.

select files and open

STEP 4 – The 3GP video files have now been added. Click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed further.

files added

STEP 5 – Select the output format for the conversion as an AVI file from the list and click on ‘convert now’.

convert now

STEP 6 – Choose the destination folder for saving the converted video files.

Choose the destination to ave file

STEP 7 – The video conversion will start from 3GP to AVI and the status will be changing from processing to success.

conversion will start from 3GP to AVI

STEP 8 – After the conversion process is completed, you can simply click on the link against each file to check your new video. Click on ‘Save report to CSV’.

Save report to CSV

By following these simple steps, your video files can be converted using a premium approach. With the software, you have the ability to convert any video files into your preferred video formats, such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, MKV, AVI, ASF, WMV, FLV, DivX, MJPEG, M4V, 3G2, TS, 3GP, AVCHD, DVR, and more. You can select any file as the source and transform it into various formats, including popular ones like MP4, enabling playback on different media players and devices.


This article aims to provide users with a better understanding of 3GP and AVI files. While there are numerous online free video conversion tools available for converting 3GP to AVI, they often pose the risk of exposing your files and system to threats and virus intrusions.

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