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Summary: This guide explains the importance of video format conversion, recommends a professional tool (Kernel Video Converter), and outlines a simple process to convert WebM to MP4 efficiently while preserving quality.

Video files can vary in format depending on the device, driver, or platform used to create them. Both WebM and MP4 video formats possess distinct characteristics. To comprehend the reasons for converting video files between WebM and MP4 formats, it’s essential to delve into their unique attributes.

Some users want to take the benefits of the MP4 Video file format mentioned above. So, they might be looking for the best video conversion solution here.

When it comes to free solutions, users can take advantage of online video file converter tools to convert WebM files to MP4. However, it’s worth noting that many of these tools have a file size limit, typically capping at 1GB. Another option for converting WebM files to MP4 is to use the “Convert/Save” feature within VLC Media Player, although it may lack flexibility and efficiency in the conversion process.

At this juncture, we recommend users opt for a reliable and high-performance professional video conversion tool for seamless and efficient video file format conversion.

Convert WebM files to MP4 format using simple Video Converter from Kernel

This professional utility is designed specifically for converting video files from one format to another with ease. It offers the convenience of batch conversion, allowing users to convert multiple video files simultaneously to their desired format without any complications. The tool boasts exceptional performance and features a user-friendly, interactive graphical user interface that ensures a straightforward experience for users of all levels. You can confidently use this tool without requiring any additional effort or expertise.

We are going to discuss some of the exclusive functions of the Video Conversion tool here.

Bulk File Conversion

This advanced software places no restrictions on the number of video files you can include for conversion. If you’re looking to save time and require bulk video file format conversion, this tool is the ideal choice. Its ability to handle an unlimited number of video files simultaneously ensures efficient and time-saving processing for your conversion needs.

Large File Conversion

The size of some video files may be quite substantial, but rest assured that it doesn’t impact the performance of this converter tool. Users can confidently convert even large video files without any concerns about the tool’s performance. It is equipped to handle such files seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and reliable conversion process.

Conversion of All Formats

If you have a variety of video file formats that need conversion, this converter tool has you covered. It supports nearly all video file formats, allowing you to perform conversions for different types of files in a single operation. This versatility ensures that you can readily convert a wide range of video formats with ease and efficiency.

Support for All Devices

This advanced utility is highly versatile and supports the conversion of videos from various devices, including digital cameras, smartphones, drones, and more. It makes the process of converting video files from all these devices remarkably straightforward and user-friendly.

Audio Extraction

The tool integrates a separate saving category known as Audio Category to extract audio from video and convert it to the desired audio file format.

Working process of the software to Convert WebM Video Files to MP4

Kernel Video Converter tool offers swift and direct video file format conversion with flexible options. Here is the complete procedure to convert WebM video files to MP4 once you have installed the proficient tool on your system.

  1. Launch the tool.
  2. On the Welcome Screen of the tool, click on the plus icon to add the WebM video files from your system or external drive.
  3. add the WebM video files

  4. Select the video files from the folder and click on the Open option to add the video files for conversion.
  5. Select the video files

  6. Once the files are added successfully, click on the Next option to continue the conversion process.
  7. conversion process

  8. Now select the output format as MP4 under the Simple output section. Then, click on the Convert Now option.
  9. select the output format as MP4
    Note: There are different output categories based on devices and platforms.

  10. Provide a saving location for the converted video file. Click on the Make New Folder option to create a new folder (if you want). Click OK.
  11. Make New Folder

  12. The conversion of video files will get started. View the live progress.
  13. View the live progress

  14. Once the conversion is completed, the screen will be displayed like this. Click on the Save report to CSV option if you want to save the conversion report in the CSV file format.
  15. save the conversion report

  16. To reach the folder with the converted files directly, just click on the given link. It will directly open the folder with the converted file.
  17. open the folder with the converted file

In conclusion, you’ve now discovered the easiest method to convert WebM video files to MP4 format without compromising the original quality and resolution of your files. If you have any video conversion needs, you’re encouraged to give this tool a try. A trial version of the tool is available for free download from the website, allowing you to test its capabilities and see how it meets your requirements.


The frequent need for video file conversion is a result of the various codecs, settings, and characteristics associated with different video formats. While there are several free solutions available, such as online converters and VLC Media Player’s Convert/Save feature, they often fall short in providing reliable video conversion.

As elaborated in the blog, the necessity for a professional video file converter tool becomes evident. These tools offer a more comprehensive and dependable solution for handling the complexities of video format conversion, ensuring that your videos are converted accurately and efficiently.

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