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Microsoft tries to improve the functionality of SharePoint Online features consistently. The introduction of modern sites is an example of a significant change from the classic site. The beautiful user interface of modern sites transforms the normal workflow and improves the overall work experience.

  • It improves the user experience related to the list and libraries.
  • It connects the site with Office 365 Groups.
  • It also alleviates the web parts and Wiki items with modern web pages.
  • It rebuilds the publishing portals from classic to modern automatically.

Are you also looking to revamp the classic SharePoint site to a modern one? Then there are multiple methods to switch the whole website to a modern layout.

  1. While you are working in the classic SharePoint Site, on the bottom left-hand side, there is an option to ‘Exit classic experience.’Exit classic experience
  2. The site will be changed automatically to its modern will be changed automatically

If you do not see the ‘Exit classic experience’ option in your classic SharePoint site, then your organization has disabled the site revamp option.

Using Office 365 Group

Modern sites can connect with Office 365 Group, but classic sites cannot. If you can connect your classic site with a group, it will automatically change to a modern site. The connection will facilitate the site’s connection with various Office 365 apps like Teams, Planner, Outlook, etc. Later, you can add user to Microsoft SharePoint Site 2019 also.

  1. In your SharePoint site settings list, there is an option to connect with Office 365 Group. Click the Settings gear icon and choose ‘Connect to new Office 365 group.’Connect to new Office 365 group
  2. Select the Privacy settings and click Connect Group. Input a new Group name, email address, and an optional site description. It will show the name of the site address the name of the site address too

As soon as you connect your site with a new Office 365 group, the following things will change for the content-

  • A modern home page for the site will be created and set as the default home page.
  • The new Office 365 Group will be connected with the site collection.
  • The Group’s owner will become the site collection administrator.
  • The Group’s owner will be listed in the site’s owner group.
  • The Group’s members will be listed in the site’s member group.
Benefits of Modern SharePoint site
  • A modern SharePoint site is more responsive than a classic site and is accessible on mobile devices easily.
  • Modern SharePoint site consumes lesser server resources than the classic site, and web pages are loaded quickly. If you check SharePoint Online storage information, then you will find that modern sites are better than classic sites for storage too.
  • Modern SharePoint site does not have a complex hierarchy to complete the normal tasks, and site content is organized smartly. Modern sites are scalable that overcome many limitations related to the classic site.
  • Modern SharePoint site does not run unsafe scripts written by users. The classic sites run any script without any security check, but the modern site lets the IT team manage any script before executing it.


Revamping your SharePoint sites from classic to modern will help the business tackle many obstacles. You should convert the sites to modern to increase your productivity and gain maximum output from the SharePoint usage. Suppose there are some situations in which you want to migrate modern or classic SharePoint sites. In that case, you can use professional SharePoint Migration software to migrate all sites.


Kernel Migrator for SharePoint will migrate entire site collections between tenants with all the data. Using this software, you can migrate classic and modern sites without interfering with the organizational functions.

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