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Salient Features

Know about the robust features and smart services available with the BKF Repair tool.

Repairs BKF Created from Multiple OS

Repairs BKF Created from Multiple OS The Kernel for BKF Repair software has the inbuilt functionality to repair extremely corrupted BKF files created from the MS backup and the VERITAS utilities.

Save Recovered BKF Files

Save Recovered BKF Files One of the most intelligent feature of this software is that it opens up various options of saving recovered BKF file data at any desired destination such as internal or external hard disk or any remote location.

Loaded with Dual Repair Mode

Loaded with Dual Repair Mode The tool is embedded with dual modes to repair BKF files. Quick mode option to treat mildly corrupted BKF files. However, Advanced mode comes into picture when the damage to BKF file is beyond the repair from the Quick mode.

Incorporated with Snapshot Feature

Incorporated with Snapshot Feature The snapshot feature of Kernel for BKF repair software gives you the flexibility to interrupt and pause the BKF recovery process and allows you to load the recovery process from the same instance where it was paused.

Inbuilt Feature of Recovery Logs

Inbuilt Feature of Recovery Logs The software captures the recovery information from the start till the final stage. You can view the logs of BKF repair process, which provides the details of unsaved files that can be saved manually later. The Kernel for BKF repair saves the EDB, STM, and log files after the recovery of corrupted BKF file.

Start Scan Progress Option

Stop & Start Scan Progress Option The utility is also well embedded with two wondrous options - 'Save Snapshot' and 'Load Snapshot'. With 'Save Snapshot' option, any individual can save details of a BKF file scan progress, and based upon suitable circumstances you can resume from the same point by using the 'Load Snapshot' option.


The process Is straight & simple, follow the below steps:
  1. Launch the tool on your system.
  2. Click Add Backup file(s) to add the specific BKF file(s) to the tool. Select the particular Recovery mode and click OK.
  3. The file will be added to the tool; you can preview its content by selecting any item.
  4. Now, to save the file – mark the checkbox against the folder that you want to save. Right-click on that folder and select Save to Disk.
  5. Browse the specific location where you want to save the file and click the Save button.
  6. Once the file is saved, a notification will appear on the screen confirming the same. Click OK to finish the process.
To locate the NTBACKUP logs on the Windows operating system, you need to follow the following steps:
  • Ensure that the Show hidden files and folders option is selected to view the hidden backup files.
  • Go to C:\Documents and Settings » User Name » Local Settings » Application Data » Microsoft » Windows NT » NTBackup » data

Where User Name is the profile with which you are logged on to the computer.

The following are the most possible reasons behind the BKF file corruption:
  • Virus infections lead to the damage of internal structures and headers of backup files.
  • Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) error is responsible for errors in restoring the files.
  • Hardware failures such as a hard disk crash make the backup files unusable.
  • Backup files without any catalogue files becomes unstable and corrupt.
  • Disruptions during the backup process also result in corrupted BKF files.
The Quick mode of recovery process is fast and deals with the minor corruptions of BKF archives. But, the Advanced mode of recovery is more efficient and slow as compared to the Quick mode due to its capability to perform recursive functions for ensuring the complete recovery of BKF archives from major corruptions.
Kernel for BKF repair is powered with intelligent algorithms that is primarily developed to repair serious issues of corruptions. The software leaves no possibility for recovering bad BKF archives due to its embedded functions of Quick mode and Advanced mode of recovery that works on the basis of the intensity of damage done to the backup files. The software deals efficiently with every error related to BKF files. So, try the trial version of the utility and check it yourself.
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (All Versions), Windows 2000 (All Versions), Windows 2003 (All Versions), and Windows NT.

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