Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader

Free Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

Yahoo messenger like Google Talk and MSN messenger is a powerful instant messaging program that can be installed on the user's computer. Using this instant messaging tool, one can easily send instant messages, files and folders to other users of Yahoo messengers. The instant messages, business records and other contact details of messenger are available in an archived directory.

The message details of yahoo messenger become unavailable in case the program is uninstalled by the user. You may also be unable to view your old conversation details and friend list due to login problem. In that case, Kernel Yahoo Archive Decoder will be extremely helpful to you as it recovers all contact details, old conversations, emails and conferences from the yahoo messenger archived directory. The powerful engine of this utility efficiently decodes the all yahoo messenger archived files that are saved at specific location of computer's hard disk.

Key Features of Software

This Yahoo Archive Reader utility is very beneficial and effective for you in different conditions like-

Using this Free Yahoo message archive decoder software the user can view entire chat history that takes place on any particular PC. With the help of this Yahoo archive reader any user without having technical background can decode, view and read almost entire chat records without connecting to the Internet.

The software uses two decoding options that are mentioned below:
View All Yahoo Messenger Conversations: With this option, the program users can decode, read and view the all Yahoo messenger's conversations, friend lists and instant messages, that are stored on the computer.
View Archives using .DAT file: This decoding process is extremely useful if you want to view and save only selected yahoo messenger archive files that are stored .DAT file extension.

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