Kernel Bulk Image Resizer

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer
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Key Features
  • Inbuilt with high quality distortion-less resizing algorithm
  • Resize any number of images from any location at once
  • Add images individually or add a complete folder to include all images
  • Resize unlimited number of files of any quality and size
  • Stretch images as per percentage or specify custom width and height
  • Ability to flip and rotate all images at once
  • Apply bulk image effects; customize color, brightness and contrast
  • Allows renaming files with a prefix or suffix
  • Specify JPEG compression quality to reduce individual file size
  • Indicate specific output format for all included images or maintain source formats
  • Supports all popular formats including JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF
  • Automatic update and technical support available
  • Free to download and use software

Make your images Picture Perfect!

Carve your images with Free Kernel Bulk Image Resizer to let them achieve that customized professional look. With Kernel Bulk Image Resizer, it's simple and easy; just like clicking them. One click of the mouse and all your images have the same size, same tone, same quality, and overall speak the same language, like that of a professional's does.

Images say a lot; they speak a sublime language which enforces our brains to imagine, decipher, and conclude emotions, feelings, narration and more, at times, without uttering a single word. But to have your images do that, they must be immaculately presented. Let Kernel Bulk Image Resizer take the opportunity to make your images auspiciously beautiful.

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Free but Feature loaded

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer does a lot more than what it spells like. It not only resizes multiple images in one go but also helps them to be more precise and look more concise. It has umpteen numbers of features, making it stand ahead of its contemporary products.

Image Settings:

Stretch images by percentage to allow them to grow or shrink accordingly.
User defined: Set custom width and height of images measured in pixels. Flip all images horizontally or vertically if required.
Rotate images at every 90 degree or set custom rotation angle.

Image Effects:

Colorize: Set Hue and Saturation level for all images
Light: Change brightness and contrast of images if required

JPEG Quality: Compress JPEG files to reduce file size or maintain quality

Naming Conventions: Enable file names with prefix and suffix or add counter names

Output Format: Retain output format across all added images or convert them all to a specific format from BMP, JPEG, TIFF or PNG.

Compatibility: Supports all popular image formats JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG without any size limitations.

Super quick, Super easy

Mastering this tool is easier than learning to click pleasing images. Just download and follow on-screen instructions to install the tool. Open the utility and select images. Specify the output path and make changes as per your requirements. Click next and the next thing will be all your images at one place, of one size, of same quality, same brightness and much more.

Resizing and editing images serve many important purposes. Free Kernel Bulk Image Resizer provides a uniform look to multiple images. This can be useful for various purposes like uploading to web pages, photo sharing websites, image slideshows, for presentations, for quick email attachments.

It's for free

A meal turns truly into a delicacy only after proper dressing and not just with the recipe. This software is the perfect ingredient to provide a uniform dressing to all your images at one go. But the best part, it's for free. Click images to save your precious moments and click the download tab to save all those moments in perfect and uniform image sizes.

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All major Windows Operating System

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