GroupWise to PST

Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange

GroupWise to Outlook PST Conversion

Kernel for GroupWise enables the user to migrate all GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server. It also facilitates the user to perform GroupWise to PST conversion i.e. it can convert single GroupWise mailbox into PST file. The PST file so created can be directly opened with MS Outlook. It offers following benefits:

  1. You will be converting only required GroupWise mailbox into PST file
  2. There will be no wastage of time in converting all mailboxes into PST while you need only selected mailbox
  3. PST file can be opened with all versions of MS Outlook

GUI (Graphical user interface) of Kernel for GroupWise makes GroupWise to PST conversion fast and flawless by providing systemic information about the process. On starting the software, you are prompted to select an option as per your requirement i.e. you can select one of the available options either to convert single GroupWise mailbox to PST or to save multiple mailboxes on Exchange Server:

After selecting an option to convert single mailbox to PST, when you proceed ahead in GroupWise to PST conversion, you are provided with various modes using which GroupWise mailbox can be converted into PST file. Following are the modes available in the software that help you convert GroupWise to PST:

  1. Default Mode: This mode easily converts the current opened GroupWise mailbox to PST.
  2. Login Mode: This mode effortlessly converts the selected GroupWise mailbox to PST. For this, you need to provide user ID, password, IP address, and port number of the user whose GroupWise mailbox you want to convert into PST file.
  3. Command Line Mode: While using the Default Mode and Login Mode, GroupWise client should be running. However, while using the Command Line Mode, it is not necessary for the GroupWise client to be open while accessing GroupWise mailbox.

Select an appropriate mode and move ahead. You are prompted to select a saving option:

Select the Save in PST option and click the OK button. You are prompted to specify the location to save the PST file and a name for the newly created PST file. After you have specified the required credentials, the software starts converting GroupWise to PST. After completing the process, you can access the PST file with MS Outlook.

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