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Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise
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Supported Platforms
  • Supported MS Exchange Server Versions - MS Exchange Server 2000 / 2003 2007
  • Supported MS Outlook Versions - MS Outlook 2000 (32 bits) / MS Outlook 2002 (32 Bits) / MS Outlook 2003 (32 Bits) / MS Outlook 2007 (32 Bits) / MS Outlook 2010 (32 Bits)
  • Supported Novell GroupWise Versions - Novell GroupWise 6.5 / 7.0 / 8.0
  • Supported Windows OS Platforms - Windows 8, Windows 7 / Windows 2008 Server / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000
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Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise

We all are very much aware of the fact that email migration is the most complex fact for any deployment project. Even though, nowadays most of the IT experts follow a well defined framework to follow the migration process, no two migrations are exactly alike. A successful email migration primarily depends upon the accurate identifying of all unique aspects of the system that are to be duplicated from Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise.

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Moreover, if we talk in terms of Exchange to GroupWise migration, than it is very important that one always involve significant planning. Perhaps, it won't be wrong to state that performing Exchange to GroupWise migration procedure is 90 percent planning and 10 percent execution.

Now, Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise is one such email migration tool that allows you to switch from MS Exchange to GroupWise platform and execute the entire operation in an effortless manner. If your organization is contemplating a change from MS Exchange to the more flexible and collaborative environment, like GroupWise, then this is one such software that one can actually rely on.

Key Features

Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise comes with advanced features that every user may find too hard to ignore:

  • Helps user to save converted PST files, Outlook profiles and Exchange mailboxes in GroupWise mailbox.
  • Migrates exchange sharing lists and converts them to GroupWise distribution lists.
  • Holds an outstanding capability to exports public folders to Novell GroupWise mailbox folders.
  • Holds up UNICODE characters file names and save them in Mail Unicode mailbox.
  • Proficiently converts large sized Exchange mailboxes and PST files
  • Permits to convert password-protected PST files or user profile accounts
  • Preserves data integrity in the migrated mailboxes, Outlook profiles or PST files
  • An alternative is provided to user to save converted PST files in Text or HTML format.

It is unfortunate that even these days organizations looking to migrate exchange to groupwise email platform are following traditional migration approach. The key concern with the traditional migration approach is that organizations would have to perform one step a time. And, in most of the occasions it consumes ample amount of time to complete the first step (migration), and the second step (archiving). Apart from that conducting these functions from different vendors very often causes system compatibility or integration issues. However, now you don't have to worry. This is because; now with the help migration tool like Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise software one can address all aspects of system migration, external interfaces, account synchronization including parallel operations very easily.

Integrated with various advanced features, Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise is very much suitable option for migration of single user profile or multiple user profiles from one platform to another. Adding to that with this tool administrators can successfully cut down the significant amount of time and may even further optimize the migration process by selecting a specific time period so that they can filter the items on the basis of date range.

Free Evaluation Copy

So by now, if you are still not sure about this Exchange to GroupWise migration program that could fit your email migration requirements, then it is very important that you try evaluation version. Download the free evaluation copy of this Kernel for Exchange to Novell GroupWise tool at free of cost and study its abilities. The free trial version operates very similar to the full version, although due to limitations, only 10 items from every folder will be transferred to Novell GroupWise mailbox. In order to counter this limitation, it gets essential that you purchase the full version of the software.