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Kernel Computer Activity Monitor
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Supported Windows OS:
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 2008 server
Software Benefits:

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor can be used in a number of scenarios. Described below are few possibilities to highlight where this software can be preferred:

  • It can be used for investigating purposes to decipher what exactly happened in any system.
  • Parents can track all activities performed by their children to take caution and save them from being exposed to inapt content.
  • One can use this software to record all activities performed on their computer in their absence.
  • Administrators can monitor unproductive employees and save precious man-hours.
  • Administrators can apprehend employees engaging in illegitimate activities and maintain compliance.
  • Managers can supervise trainees and instruct them accordingly to increase productivity.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor

Monitoring has always been an important part of our society to ensure control, achieve better productivity and enhance workmanship. Kernel Computer Activity Monitor does the same to keep you updated about computer activities.

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Kernel Computer Activity Monitor allows home and office users to achieve desired output through this utility. It executes in a concealed manner and it is nearly impossible to detect as it is not visible in the Task Manager, the Process List, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove Programs list. It collects information on all kind of activities that one can perform on their computer from key logs to list of all WebPages visited by the user.

Key Features of Software

This software lets you track all sorts of computer activities. Here is an overview of all the major functions and tasks which can be performed by it.

Invisibly Take Screenshots: Capture snapshot of target computer screen at specified interval. Specify the maximum size of snapshots and also if you want to take snapshot of only active window.

Get aware of every pressed Key: Record every keystroke made on the computer and get complete details on what was typed by the user.

Internet Activity Monitoring: View all Internet activities on target computers that offer browser details, pages visited and visit time by the User along with user name.

Get History of Accessed Applications: Get complete details on all applications launched on the computer which includes details such as Application Name, Launched Time, Executable Path and Launched By information.

Save Clipboard Activities: Capture all Copy-Paste activities performed by the User. In many cases data is mainly copied by the user from one location to another instead of typing it through keyboard. This feature lets you keep track of everything user copied including both text and image.

Get Report over every Email Activity: Get information about all emails that is accessed without using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. Information includes the date and time when an email was sent or received, the subject, the contents, and even attachments (if any) in the email. Click on a specific email, and you can see the contents of the email as well.

Tracks even Passwords: Track all passwords typed by the user. Get information such as Application name, last login time of the application and user who logged into that application.

Get notified for every Print command: Get to know what all documents were printed on the target computer. Details include User name, File name, Printer name and Print Time.

Automated Delivery by Emails: Scheduled delivery of recorded logs to your email account at specific intervals.

Password Protection Provided: Prevent unauthorized access to application by setting password to access it.

Schedule and Forget: Configure the application to monitor and record operation at specified time of the day.

Automatic Log Clearance: Automatically deletes old and outdated logs to save storage space.

Intuitive User Interface: Software has intuitive and visually attractive user interface that offers ease of use and help you get acquainted with it in no time. For each of these Logs you get a couple of options namely Field Chooser, which lets you to have a better view of the report by selecting or deselecting columns, and Save option that allows you to save the log at desired location in HTML format.

Empower yourself stealthily

For organizations: If this tool can best serve any purpose, then its official monitoring. Supervise any number of systems within your local network with complete freedom. It offers incomparable monitoring capabilities with complete invisibility that does not give the slightest of hint to employees that their computer is being monitored. However, there can be cases where one acquires the knowledge of being monitored from various other sources. But how does it make a difference. Your actual motive to monitor them and compelling them to refrain from indulging in unwanted activities still prevails as the sense of being monitored is enough to repress any such audacious approach.

For Personal Use: If monitoring can train any brain the most, its kid's. Today computers play a very vital role among children to suffice young minds with limitless knowledge. But along with knowledge, they are also exposed to various perils through the online world. The volume at which illicit materials are rampantly available over the web, surely casts a cloud of worry among all parents. But Kernel Computer Activity monitor can help you to supervise them, influence them, put in reminiscent efforts and thus instill control in your hands. Any individual can also use it to get knowledge about all activities in his/her absence.

Free Evaluation Copy:

The software is available for Trial that allows you to experience its capabilities for free. However, it has some limitations like it does not allow saving screenshots and screenshots are blurred which cannot be viewed in slideshow. Additionally, the demo version will not allow you to deliver logs to specified email account.


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