Ever migrated OST files to Office 365? Now a cloud-based migration is possible

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MS Outlook or MS Exchange Server, be it any of them, but OST file corruption is linked to them. It is not planned but by default the chances of OST file corruption are quite high. The reasons of OST file corruption are well known but making them secure or migrating them to better and safe location, often puts the user in dilemma. It is very difficult to select the pathway which promises safety in such condition.

When the OST file corruption occurs, then it is important to verify that exchange database file is undeterred. If the exchange database gets affected, then the primary assignment of the user is to fix the exchange data base files followed by taking their backup. To perform such recovery, it is professionally recommended to take assistance from the third-party tool.

Methods to Rescue Affected OST Files

To stimulate the OST file rescue process, user must stand clear with an option he wants to exercise. The OST files in question can be corrupt or maybe not. In case of corrupt OST file, the first step would be to repair the corrupt OST file followed by its conversion. There are few standardized options, which are used by professionals to secure the OST file content. Some of the most used options are as follows:

  • Conversion to PST: The affected OST files are repaired and converted to PST file format, which is more stable and convenient to save without any ill effects. It is done by powerful third-party tool.
  • Conversion to HTML: Conversion to HTML format is dearer to the users as it remains undeterred even if the webpage gets affected due to header issues. The assistance from third-party tool is required to perform such conversion.
  • Conversion to PDF: Due to the most stable form of the file system, Portable Document Format (PDF) is preferred among the users. Once the OST file content is converted to PDF, no alteration can be done in the content. The third-party tool like OST conversion tool is advised for such purpose.
  • Conversion to EML/Outlook Express format: If the system is equipped with Outlook Express, then the OST files can be converted to EML/EMLX format without any question. However, even for such conversion, third-party assistance is needed.
  • Implementation of scanost.exe: For the users who are actively using Outlook version 2000 and lower versions can try their luck by fixing the OST files by inbuilt repair tool – ‘scanpst.exe’.

Even though there are numerous options available to fix the OST files, but none of them ensure all time availability due to system’s restriction. Every platform has its own limitations. Some require good space to get installed, some facilitates limited conversion options, while some need clean OST files to be converted in other formats.

OST to Office 365

The cloud is generally used to store voluminous data or in other words it can be said that it contains several databanks. These databanks can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

What promotes cloud-based migration?

There are several features of cloud-based migration that are advantageous to the user. The below-mentioned factors are credited to promote cloud-based migration:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Office 365 migration from Outlook is a cost-effective approach dedicated to the users who wish to perform such migration. The subscription provided by Microsoft to use such facility is quite cheap when compared to the software that fixes the damaged OST files.
  • Platform Maintenance and Updates: With installation of Office 365, each worry of the user becomes worry of Microsoft be it related to time bound updates, server crash down or other technical glitches. All is done by Microsoft without any data redundancy or unintentional data deletion.
  • All Time Accessibility: With Office 365, you can anytime access the data without seeking permissions that make the process quite complex. To keep the process smooth, user has to pay a little and may take the long mileage for every migration to Office 365.

To make the migration quite direct for every OST file, the user is recommended to take assistance from third-party tool like OST converter tool. The OST converter tool is designed to meet the needs required to fix the affected OST files followed by their migration to the cloud-based platforms like Office 365, email servers and webmails.

Using OST converter tool to fix the damaged OST files and their migration to cloud platform is the wise choice for any user who has bad experience while working with OST files. The trial version of the tool can be tried by downloading the evaluation version.