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DBF Database Repair Software
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Salient properties of the recovery program:
  • Easy, quick and accurate retrieval of corrupt database files
  • Recovers multiple DBF files in one go
  • Restores .DDF files with binary codes or ASCII characters stored in DBT or FBT files.
  • Embedded with user friendly interface that provides ease of access
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Kernel for DBF Repair Tool

The Microsoft's database files are stored in the .DBF file formats. To store the database information such as indexes, tables, unique keys, etc. within DBF files there exist many Windows based software tools such as Dbase and Foxpro. However, these database files could become inaccessible due to various reasons:
  • Download DBF Recovery
  • Buy DBF Recovery
  • Virus intrusion within relational databases of Microsoft client's server
  • Bad sectors on computer's hard disk
  • Abrupt system shutdown due to power fluctuation
  • Corruption/Damage in the portable storage media such as pen drive, CD/ DVD and flash drive
  • Unstable functioning of windows OS

Kernel for DBF repair software is an expedient tool to restore the corrupt or unstable database files back. Moreover, it provides accurate recovery of the lost tables, triggers, unique keys and indexes from the database files that are created on FoxBASE, Dbase or other DBMS applications. This expedient utility scans the hard disk or other storage media intensively to extract and restore the corrupt DBF files. Once the files are recovered they are saved in new DBF files.

Furthermore, the software is equipped with a unique Livepreview technology that provides a preview of all reinstated DBF files and folders to the user that exist on their computers. It handles the corruption issues like hard disk crash, virus attack, etc. quite effortlessly since an advanced scanning engine is equipped within the software that provide swift and precise retrieval of the database files.

Kernel for DBF repair software is available in - Licensed as well as Unlicensed Free Evaluation version. Licensed version needs to be purchased by doing online transaction. But a free evaluation version can also be downloaded for analysis of the software before purchasing the full version. Both versions work exactly in the same way except that the unlicensed DBF recovery program does not allow the users to save the recovered databases on their systems.

Versions Supported

All versions of DBMS applications such as DBASE III, IV, V, VI and VII

Also supports FoxBASE, Foxpro and Sybase

Important Note

Recovery of DBF databases depends on the intensity of damage caused to the database.

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