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YouTube serves as an excellent platform for entertainment and connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. Imagine a scenario where you’ve accidentally lost valuable videos on YouTube. In this blog post, we’ll explore various techniques for recovering and reinstating deleted YouTube content.

Step-by-Step Guide: Recovering and Restoring Deleted YouTube Videos

We’ve emphasized the significance of these videos to us, so let’s delve into the procedures for recovering and restoring them once they’ve been deleted. Follow the steps outlined below to regain access to your cherished YouTube content.

  • Recover from Backup
    When you find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost a video, the initial course of action to consider is checking for a backup. Having a backup can be a lifesaver, as it enables you to retrieve your lost data. You can navigate to the backup section on YouTube, find your video, and restore it from there. If you haven’t already enabled backups, it’s advisable to start doing so without delay. Give this method a try and assess its effectiveness. Should it prove unsuccessful, you can then explore alternative solutions.
  • Recover from WayBack Machine: If you’re unable to retrieve deleted videos from your backup, you have the option to attempt recovery through the WayBack Machine. This digital archive provides access to previously accessible web pages from the World Wide Web. There’s a reasonable chance that your video may be archived within its records, allowing you to restore it. To do so, please follow the steps outlined below:

    1- Get your video-related information like its URL, which you can get by accessing your account.

    2- Now go to the and paste your URL there.

    Paste URL at

    3- Searching the URL in the given box will show you the YouTube upload history, from where you can download the deleted video and restore it.

  • Contact the Support Team: The last try you can give to recover your deleted video is by contacting the YouTube’s support team. For this, you can send an email to the support team.

    1- Log into your YouTube account and go to your channel.

    2- Now click on the Help option at the left bottom of the screen.

    click on the Help option

    3- Next, click on the Need more help? Option.

    Click on Need more help

    4- Click on the arrow icon, as shown in the screenshot.

    Click on the arrow icon

    5- In the next Window, click Ask Now option.

    click Ask Now

    6- In the Ask the Community section, you can write your query down and proceed with the steps as per the instructions.

    write your query in Community section

  • Recover and Restore the Deleted Video from Your System: If the deleted file is irrecoverable by following the solutions mentioned above, then you might want to recover it from your system. In this case, we are assuming that you have lost the same file from your system too, because why would you have been trying so hard to recover it from YouTube, if not. So, to recover that file from your system, you can install Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Tool. This tool recovers almost every type of lost or permanently deleted file from your system, be it a document or a media file. You can have a fair idea of the tool with the snippet of the tool we have shared below:

    1- Select Recovery Mode.

    Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software

    2- Select a drive.

    Select a drive

    3- Scan the disk.

    Scan the disk

    4- Check the restored data in your system and provide a location and recover the lost data.

    provide a location

    5- Wait till the recovery is complete.

    Recovered files saved

    This was a quick demonstration of how this tool works. Once the process is over, you can find the recovered data on your system at the location where you have saved it.

What If The Video File Gets Corrupt?

Occasionally, when attempting to retrieve lost or deleted video files, users may encounter corrupted video files as an unintended outcome. In such instances, we highly recommend utilizing the Kernel Video Repair Tool for optimal results. This tool stands out as the premier solution for addressing video file corruption, capable of rectifying even the most severe instances of corruption with remarkable ease. You can explore the tool’s trial version, which is completely free, to gain a comprehensive understanding of its video repair capabilities.

Kernel Video Repair


In this blog post, we’ve explored the process of recovering deleted YouTube videos as well as files from your computer. Several methods have been covered, one of which involves utilizing an automated solution called Kernel for Windows Data Recovery. This tool is designed to retrieve and restore a wide range of deleted or lost files from both your PC and external storage devices. Additionally, we’ve suggested a repair tool that can effectively mend corrupted or damaged video files should you encounter such issues in the future.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery