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Most PC users are familiar with the term “hard disk crash,” and some have likely encountered it firsthand. For those facing this issue for the first time, concerns about the data stored on the hard disk are natural. In such a situation, seeking an immediate solution becomes a priority. Unfortunately, without knowledge of the initial steps to take after a hard disk crash, many users resort to incorrect methods in an attempt to fix the problem. This often exacerbates the situation, rendering data recovery nearly impossible.

If you find yourself in this predicament or simply wish to learn about recovering data from a crashed hard disk, this blog post is tailored for you. Let’s delve into the discussion.

When a hard disk experiences a crash, the underlying cause may be either physical or logical in nature. Physical damage involves tangible harm to the hard disk, typically resulting from mechanical force or exposure to water. In cases of severe physical damage, data recovery may be out of reach, necessitating the involvement of the manufacturer’s support team. Conversely, in instances of logical corruption, there remains a possibility of recovering data following events such as hard drive formatting, virus infections, accidental data deletion, or sudden power outages.

This worrisome situation could have been prevented had you implemented the following measures:

  • Steps to check the interruption in power supply
  • Careful ejection of external devices from the system
  • Periodic backups of crucial hard drive data to external devices or cloud
  • Ensuring proper cooling system for PC or laptop to avoid overheating

Be aware of these simple measures mentioned above for healthy working of your system. Also, you can look for more tips to avoid Windows corruptions and data loss. Anyway, for now, we are providing you some free ways to recover data from the crashed hard disk.
Check if the drive is detectable or not

To check whether you have chances for data recovery from your hard disk, first ensure that its drivers are detectable. Follow these steps:

  1. Hold and press Windows button with X alphabet. From the opened menu, click Disk Management.Open Disk Management
  2. The Disk Management dialogue box will get opened. Here, check the condition of the drive. If the Status is displayed as Healthy, then we can go further for solutions to recover deleted data from it. Otherwise, you need technical help from its manufacturer.Now assuming that your hard disk is detectable, we are going to discuss some manual solutions for disk repair.

Checking File System Errors in the Drive

Execute these steps to perform a check on the file system errors in the corrupted drive.

  1. In File Explorer, select the Properties option from the right-click menu.
  2. The Properties dialogue box will get opened. In the Tools tab, click Check option to check the drive for file system errors.Check system errors
  3. Finally, click Scan drive option to start the scanning of the drive.
  4. Once scanned, click on Repair this Drive to fix the file system error issues.
Running CHKDSK Command

You can utilize the CHKDSK command to scan for bad sectors and identify any program errors. Additionally, this command has the capability to rectify corruption problems within the drive. Let’s go through the steps together.

  1. Run Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. To check errors on the hard drives, run this command
  3. Once detected, fix the respective drive one-by-one with this command
    chkdsk D: /f /r/x
  4. This above command is to fix D drive of your system. Similarly, you can run this fix command for other drives.

  5. Now, reboot your system. Once the system is started again, check if the repair is successful and data is accessible from the drive.
Fixing Corrupt Hard Drive with a Professional Tool – Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

If manual methods fail to successfully recover data from crashed or corrupted hard drives, seeking professional assistance is crucial. Introducing the leading Windows data recovery solution in the market: Kernel’s Windows Data Recovery software. This advanced tool is designed to retrieve data from damaged hard drives, formatted partitions, and more. With three comprehensive scanning modes and support for partition recovery, it can even restore permanently deleted data. Don’t hesitate; acquire this tool promptly to retrieve lost data from a malfunctioning hard disk.


A hard disk crash or corruption can result in the inability to access data. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, data remains recoverable. This article outlines some manual methods for data retrieval. Additionally, a dependable and guaranteed solution for data recovery is suggested.

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