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Recover Data from a Damaged Database Table in Microsoft Access

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Microsoft Access is a database utility provided by Microsoft Corporation as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Because of its easy-to-use and self descriptive interface, both home users and professionals take its advantage as a backend to store data. However, sometimes while executing a query or a report or updating records, you may encounter the following error message:

Jet has stopped the process because you and another user attempted to change the same data at the same time.


Even when you are the only one using the database table, preceding error message can be generated. This is because the database table might have been damaged due to which the Microsoft Jet database engine is unable to find the object. The database table can be damaged due to following reasons:

Abrupt system shut down when the database table is open
Improperly exiting MS Access
Malicious virus infection
Internal database errors
Problem in the storage media


When the database table gets damaged due to aforementioned situations and you receive Jet errors, perform following steps to recover data from damaged database table:

1. Copy the damaged database table and save it to another location.
2. Create the database table structure similar to the table structure of damaged database table or copy the table structure of damaged database table into new database table.
3. Open the damaged database table and its copy so that you can timely compare them.
4. In the damaged database table, select View > Datasheet View.
5. Now, select a record and copy it.
6. Paste the selected record in new database table at the same location where it was stored in damaged database table.
7. After pasting each record in the new database table, test it for accuracy.
8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until you do not get an error message while doing copy and paste of corrupted record.
9. After pasting all the records into new database table, create a new database in MS Access with some different name.
10. Import the new database table and other well working database objects into newly created database.
11. Rename the database table.
12. Delete the .ldb file for damaged database table, if exists.
13. Now, rename the repaired database table to the damaged database table.
14. Now, test the recovered database table to confirm its accuracy. Do not delete the damaged database table until you are not satisfied with the recovered database table.

If you delete the damaged database table without testing it and later on if you found it not properly responding then you will not be able to recover data. Therefore, in case the recovered database table does not respond well, you can recover data from damaged database table. However, this time to recover data, you need to take help of any Access repair and Access recovery software.

Kernel for Access is database table repair and recovery software, which you can use to repair the damaged database table in just few clicks. The software perfectly recovers all records from the damaged database table keeping the table structure intact. Kernel for Access can recover data from the database tables created in Access 2003, Access 2002, Access 2000, Access 97, and Access 95.

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