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How to prevent Access Database Corruptions?

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While working with MS Access databases, nothing is more frustrating than the corruption of mdb database files storing all your important information. In such a situation, only powerful and competent Access recovery tools can repair the corrupted database and recover all its components in a convenient manner. A more practical approach to the situation is to prevent the corruption. Below are some of the useful strategies that can be used to prevent your database from becoming corrupted.

  1. Split your database: If more than one users access the database, then split the database into two piece “front-end” and a “back-end”. The front-end contains all of the forms, queries, and reports and the back-end contains data in tables. A copy of the front-end is placed on each user’s computer, and shared folder is maintained on the network to store the backend tables.
  2. Do not hold connections open: Always remember to close the Microsoft Access database connections after finishing your work. Open Access database connections always have the chance of becoming corrupt if network connections are lost.
  3. Exit the database correctly: Always close the database correctly. After completion of tasks, close the application using the Exit option of File menu or alternatively Exit option provided by the Access application.
  4. Always use good quality hardware devices: Any slight defect in the network connections can corrupt your database. So always use good quality NICs, hubs and all other equipments used throughout your network.
  5. Compact and repair regularly. Performing the built-in compact and repair function regularly is suggested to prevent corruption and improve performance.

With these simple steps, you will be able to stop majority of the problems before they occur. Implement the above mentioned tips and execute a sensible automated backup schedule to minimize issues of data loss.

In spite of taking preventive measures, your Access database may get corrupt anytime. In that situation, you will need to go for prudent and sensible Access Database Repair software for complete recovery of database components.

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