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Experiencing the loss of data can be a frustrating scenario, particularly when the data holds critical importance. This emphasizes the crucial role of data recovery for both individuals and businesses. While there are various online tools available to address data loss problems, finding a cost-effective and trustworthy solution can prove to be a challenge.

It’s not unusual for Windows users to face the loss of valuable data, whether from their internal drives or external devices. This loss can be attributed to a range of factors, including sudden power interruptions, technical hiccups, accidental deletions, and more. The key lies in how we respond to these situations. One highly recommended strategy to mitigate data loss is the regular backup of your entire dataset. However, even with precautions in place, data loss can occur unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a reliable tool on hand for swift data recovery. In this regard, Kernel presents a robust, no-cost solution – the Free Data Recovery Tool – tailored to retrieve lost or permanently deleted data from both internal drives and external devices on Windows-based systems. This tool enables the recovery of up to 2 GB of lost data at no charge.

Most Common Reasons behind Data loss

    Before getting into the details of the tool to recover deleted files, let’s have a look at some of the most prominent causes that leads to data loss.

  • Bad sectors on hard drives
  • Corrupt or damaged sectors directly affects data stored in those parts of hard drives.

  • Deletion of data
  • Users sometimes intentionally or unintentionally delete valuable files from their systems. Typically, accidentally deleted data is moved to the Recycle Bin folder. But in case of permanently deleted files, you must take help from an automated tool to recover deleted Windows files.

  • Virus Intrusions and Malware attacks
  • Viruses can hack into the system and either corrupt files or delete the entire content from specific locations.

  • Sudden Power failure
  • A sudden loss of power can interrupt the process of updating a file or document, leading to a rollback to the last saved version of your work. This can result in the complete loss of any unsaved progress.

  • Software corruption
  • Software issues like sudden closure of the program and virus intrusions can cause data loss on Windows systems.

Free Windows Data Recovery Software tool is designed to swiftly retrieve lost or permanently deleted files and data from a range of sources including hard drives, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and other external devices. Powered by robust algorithms, the Kernel for Windows Data Recovery tool ensures a swift retrieval of your lost data. Additionally, it offers the capability to save up to 2GB of recovered data at absolutely no cost and without any restrictions.

Steps to recover 2GB data free with Free Data Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install Free Windows Data Recovery Software.

Step 2: Launch the application.

Step 3: Select the appropriate recovery mode to scan the PC.

Launch the application

The tool provides you three recovery modes to start with:

  • Quick Scan Mode – Select Quick Scan for recently deleted files and folders.
  • Deep Scan Mode – Performs a thorough scan on the selected drive. Select Deep Scan in case of corrupt hard drives, partition deletion, etc.
  • File Trace Mode – This mode helps to recover files according to their types.

Step 4: Select the drive to recover and click on the Next button.

Select the drive

Step 5: The tool will scan the selected drive for all lost or deleted data.

File is scanning

Step 6: In the Preview pane, you can see the recovered data. If the required files are not recovered using the Quick Scan Mode, you can choose a different mode by going back to the initial phase of the scan.

Check recovered data in Preview pane

Step 7: Click on the recovered folders to view data within the software console.

Step 8: You can also use Recovery Settings to recover files as per your needs.

use Recovery Settings

Step 9: Provide a convenient path wherein you want to save the recovered files and folders.

Step 10: The recovered files are automatically saved to the specified location.

Thus, 2GB data is recovered free of charges from your Windows PC.


Free Data Recovery Software is the best freeware solution to recover lost or formatted data from your hard disks as well as external storage devices. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced functionalities, the tool provides extensive methods for free 2GB Windows data recovery.

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