3 Reasons Why VHD/VHDX file is Corrupted and Unreadable – Fix the Most Difficult Error

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VHD file, the hard disk image file used for creating a Virtual environment of Windows System, belongs to Virtual Hard Disk. It is similar to physical hard disk drive except that it is used and managed on Virtual Machine environment. Like any other disk, a VHD file is also vulnerable to corruption that make the entire VHD file data inaccessible.
The corruption of VHD file can bring you to critical situations such as permanent data loss. When the VHD file is corrupted, you will see an error message shown below:

Failed to open attachment error

Scenarios of VHD/VHDX File corruption

According to Google search, many users have faced VHD errors that caused serious data loss issues. The mentioned scenarios are some of the real examples of VHD file corruption reported by users on different technical platforms.



See at: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2013934-hyper-v-2016-vhdx-corruption

So, how will you get rid of such issues if they come on your way? First, let’s find the root causes of this error and later discuss the solutions to this error.

Instant Solution

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Top 3 Reasons of VHD/VHDX File Corruption

Here are the main causes why a VHD file or partition becomes corrupt and unreadable.

1. Due to faulty hard disk storage:
Hard disk storage might get corrupted or damaged due to firmware or manufacturer faults.
2. Due to files transfer over a faulty network:
Many errors that take place may occur while moving data on hardware that is faulty. Disconnection of the storage device during the creation or transfer of virtual drive can also cause errors.
3. Errors due to antivirus programs:
Antivirus or encryption programs can interfere with the operations of virtual machines. So, avoid installing antivirus or exclude virtual-machine related directories from antivirus scan.

Follow the Mentioned Methods to Fix Corruption and Unreadable Issue

Some Workaround Methods

There are some quick fixes you can try to resolve VHD file corruption and errors. Follow the simple methods to resolve the corruption and unreadable VHD file error:

The above-explained methods are simple to execute. Firstly, open Command Prompt, mount the corrupt VHD file in the parent partition and type CHKDSK in CMD and hit enter to start repairing the VHD. Secondly, check the integrity of VHD file with the help of Hyper-V Virtual Machine. Thirdly, add the VHD file to the IDE controller and click Inspect option. Lastly, download the Microsoft designed VHD tool that will help you to repair the VHD file.

Try third-party VHD recovery tools

Many a time, the manual methods are complex to perform which might fail to fix the corrupted VHD files smoothly. Hence, you can look for a reliable VHD recovery tool to fix the corrupted VHD files. The most powerful and instant VHD recovery tool suggested is Kernel for VHD Recovery.

Follow the simple steps for instant recovery of corrupted VHD or VHDX files:

Step 1: Launch Kernel for VHD Recovery, browse and select for corrupted or damaged VHD or VHDX file on your local machine.

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Step 2: Select the Recovery Mode as per the severity of the corruption into consideration. And, select the desired drive to recover.
Step 3: Now, select the corrupt partition that you want to recover.
Step 4: Preview the recovered data in this step with all folders.
Step 5: Click on Recover and Browse to save the recovered VHD data file.

3 step process to recover corrupt VHD files, Preview & Save

Final Words:

There are many manual VHD recovery methods for repairing VHD files. You can always try these methods before giving up on the recovery process. Also, if you are a naïve user and lack technical knowledge, then we recommend you opt for automated VHD Recovery solutions as they are easy and quick and require basic knowledge of the platform.

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