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Few things are as exasperating as encountering a computer that fails to boot up correctly, accompanied by an ominous message indicating file corruption or unreadability. Regrettably, this issue is all too familiar and often poses a formidable challenge to resolve. Fortunately, a potential solution exists in the form of specialized software or professional assistance, which can typically aid in the recovery of the afflicted file.

Nonetheless, in certain instances, the file may suffer such extensive damage that its restoration becomes an insurmountable task. This dire scenario can result in data loss and, in more severe cases, system crashes. In the event that you find yourself facing this unfortunate predicament, rest assured that solutions do exist to address and rectify the issue.

Today, we’ve gathered to address a common concern: VHD/VHDX corruption. But what exactly is it? A VHD file, short for Virtual Hard Disk, serves as a crucial component for constructing a virtual Windows System environment. It closely mimics a physical hard disk drive, yet operates and is administered within a Virtual Machine environment. Much like its tangible counterpart, a VHD file is not immune to corruption, which can render all the data within the VHD file inaccessible.
The corruption of VHD file can bring you to critical situations such as permanent data loss. When the VHD file is corrupted, you will see an error message shown below:

Failed to open attachment error

Scenarios of VHD/VHDX File corruption

As per numerous reports on various technical platforms found through Google searches, it becomes evident that a significant number of users have encountered VHD errors leading to substantial data loss problems. These scenarios serve as concrete illustrations of VHD file corruption issues that have been shared by users facing similar challenges.



See at:

So, how will you get rid of such issues if they come on your way? First, let’s find the root causes of this error and later discuss the solutions to this error.

Instant Solution

Download Kernel for VHD Recovery tool to fix corrupt and unreadable VHD/VHDX file without any hassle.

Top 3 Reasons of VHD/VHDX File Corruption

Here are the main causes why a VHD file or partition becomes corrupt and unreadable.

1. Due to faulty hard disk storage:
Hard disk storage might get corrupted or damaged due to firmware or manufacturer faults.
2. Due to files transfer over a faulty network:
Numerous errors can occur, often arising during data migration on malfunctioning hardware. Additionally, interruptions, such as disconnections of the storage device during virtual drive creation or data transfer, can also precipitate these errors.
3. Errors due to antivirus programs:
Antivirus or encryption software can sometimes disrupt the seamless operation of virtual machines. To mitigate potential issues, it’s advisable to refrain from installing antivirus software on the virtual machine or, alternatively, configure the antivirus program to exclude directories specifically related to virtual machines from its scanning routines. This can help maintain the stability and performance of your virtual environment.

Follow the Mentioned Methods to Fix Corruption and Unreadable Issue

Some Workaround Methods

There are some quick fixes you can try to resolve VHD file corruption and errors. Follow the simple methods to resolve the corruption and unreadable VHD file error:

The methods outlined above are straightforward to implement. To begin, open the Command Prompt, mount the corrupted VHD file in the parent partition, and initiate the repair process by entering ‘CHKDSK’ in CMD, then press Enter to commence VHD repair. Secondly, assess the VHD file’s integrity using the Hyper-V Virtual Machine. Thirdly, attach the VHD file to the IDE controller and select the ‘Inspect’ option. Lastly, you can consider downloading Microsoft’s dedicated VHD tool, designed to assist you in repairing the VHD file.

Try third-party VHD recovery tools

Many a time, the manual methods are complex to perform which might fail to fix the corrupted VHD files smoothly. Hence, you can look for a reliable VHD recovery tool to fix the corrupted VHD files. The most powerful and instant VHD recovery tool suggested is Kernel for VHD Recovery.

Follow the simple steps for instant recovery of corrupted VHD or VHDX files:

Step 1: Launch Kernel for VHD Recovery, browse and select for corrupted or damaged VHD or VHDX file on your local machine.

Step 2: Select the Recovery Mode as per the severity of the corruption into consideration. And, select the desired drive to recover.
Step 3: Now, select the corrupt partition that you want to recover.
Step 4: Preview the recovered data in this step with all folders.
Step 5: Click on Recover and Browse to save the recovered VHD data file.

3 step process to recover corrupt VHD files, Preview & Save

Furthermore, Kernel for VHD Recovery stands as a robust and sophisticated solution meticulously crafted for the purpose of repairing and recovering data from corrupt or damaged virtual hard drive files. Some of its prominent features include:

  • It supports recovery from both dynamic and static virtual drives.
  • It can repair virtual hard drive files that have been corrupted due to virus attacks, power surges, sudden shutdowns, etc.
  • It offers a preview of the recovered data before saving it.
  • It supports all major versions of the Windows operating system.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Final Words:

Numerous manual VHD recovery methods are available for repairing VHD files. In this post, we have provided a step-by-step guide on addressing the issue of a corrupted and unreadable VHD or VHDX file. While this error can indeed be challenging to resolve, armed with the appropriate tools and a dash of patience, you can successfully restore your files to full functionality.

Additionally, you have the option to utilize Kernel, a powerful tool specifically designed to tackle these complex errors. Notably, the software boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use, even for those with minimal experience. With Kernel’s assistance, the process of restoring your corrupt or inaccessible VHD files becomes a straightforward task, requiring just a few simple clicks. If you’re encountering any issues with your VHD files, don’t hesitate to explore this software as a potential solution.

Kernel for VHD Recovery
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