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Summary: When your OST file is inaccessible, corrupt or orphaned, it may lead to the 0000000E Outlook error. From system crashes, faulty add-ins to virus attack, there can be a variety of reasons behind the occurrence of this error. To fix this error, you can try various solutions, including rebuilding the OST file, using the inbuilt repair utility, etc. For detailed instructions, go through our detailed guide. You can also use the Kernel for OST to PST tool to fix all the major OST issues.

Outlook creates an OST file for synchronizing mailbox items when configured with Exchange,, Office 365, or IMAP email servers. Users can work offline with OST files. As soon as the system connects to the internet, the offline changes are synced with the server mailbox.

But sometimes, the OST file can get damaged or inaccessible due to different reasons ranging from system crash, oversized OST file to forced Outlook exit, virus attack, and faulty add-ins. This may result in an error called Microsoft Outlook error code 0000000E indicating the OST file issue. Due to this error, OST files cannot be accessed by Outlook and mailbox items cannot be synchronized. Let us help you out with easy fixes for this Outlook error.

Latest solutions to resolve the Outlook error code 0000000E

After the basic overview, here are the top solutions to follow to fix the Outlook error code 0000000E.

Recreate the Outlook OST file

This Outlook error code 0000000E is majorly caused by OST file corruption. When you recreate the OST file, this issue will be resolved. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Control Panel and navigate to the User Account. Click on Mail.
  • Click on Data Files and choose your email account.choose email account
  • Click Open File Location and right-click on the OST file.Open File Location
  • Rename the OST file with the extension .bak. As a result, you will have a backup of your OST file.Rename the OST file
  • Launch Outlook. It will now create a new OST file and synchronize all the mail items.
  • Once the synchronization is done, your issue will be resolved.
Using the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool

To troubleshoot the Outlook error code 0000000E, the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool can be your go-to option. We will help you out to use ScanPST.exe to repair your corrupted files. To start with, here is the location of Scanpst.exe:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1X

  • Double click on the Scanpst.exe file and select the OST the OST file
  • After a detailed scan of the list of errors, click on Repair and fix the corrupted OST file.Repair OST files
  • Launch Outlook again and check if this error is fixed.
Using the OST to PST converter

When dealing with inaccessible or corrupt OST files, manual recovery methods often fall short. A more reliable solution is converting these files into PST format using a specialized tool. Kernel for OST to PST Converter emerges as a standout choice for this task. It’s not just about converting emails; this tool ensures the integrity of contacts, calendars, and notes during the conversion.

The software is compatible with various Outlook and Windows versions and offers a seamless migration experience. The conversion process is straightforward – select the OST file, preview the contents, and save it in PST format. With Kernel for OST to PST, you are not just converting files; you are safeguarding your data against loss or corruption.

Final thoughts

In this blog, we have provided the best ways to fix the Outlook error code 0000000E. We have discussed various solutions, such as how to recreate the OST file, use the inbuilt repair tool, and the OST to PST Converter software. Out of all the solutions given, the OST to PST converter must be your go-to solution. As per our recommendation, opt for the Kernel for OST to PST tool as its easy-to-use interface allows effortless conversion of OST files. To get more insights, you can download the trial version for free today.

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