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The Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF, is a file format which is used to present documents which includes texts, images, formatting etc. It was developed by Adobe in 1993 and has been in wide usage ever since. PDF files is an easy way out to carry important content pieces. However, there are times when only a few pages out of a heavy paged file remain relevant. In that situation, there arises a need to split large PDF files into smaller ones to keep the relevant ones intact or even repair Adobe PDF files incase they become inaccessible or corrupt.

Easy methods to split large PDF files

The splitting of larger PDF files seems like a difficult process. However, that is not the case, and it can be done easily using these 3 methods-

  • Google Chrome
  • Online PDF splitter tools
  • Kernel for PDF Split and Merge
  1. Using Google Chrome:
    Google Chrome is the most popular web browser which Google has developed. But it is way more than just a browser as it offers a wide variety of features. A large PDF file can be split into different smaller versions with little effort using the Print feature in Google Chrome.

    Follow the steps to split Large PDF files with Google Chrome with ease-

    1. To begin with, open Google Chrome in your system and simply drag the PDF file on Google Chrome
    2. The document will open; click on the ‘Print’ icon present on the top right corner.Print
    3. Choose ‘Save as PDF’ in the Destination column. Write the number of pages that you want to split and click on ‘Save.’Save as PDF
    4. Repeat the process to split more pages of the PDF document.

    A few concerns with the manual solutions:

    All manual methods do come with a few limitations, which may harm the essential data contained by the PDF files-

    1. This method is usually effective for a limited paged PDF file.
    2. This method won’t be effective when users are not aware of the exact number of pages in the PDF document.
    3. It is a time-consuming and stressful process that requires a lot of time and effort.
  2. Using online PDF splitter tools:
    In today’s technologically advanced times, plenty of options are available on the internet to split large PDF files. To begin with, just add the PDF file to them, and it will automatically divide it into smaller ones, and you can save it in your system once the process is completed.

    Some of these online PDF Splitter tools include-

    1. ilovePDF
    2. SmallPDF
    3. PDF2GO

    A few with concerns online pdf splitter tools:

    No matter how easy the process is, the online tools always open doors to a few issues such as-

    1. The quality and content of the smaller PDF files could get hampered.
    2. The system gets exposed to multiple virus attacks and threats.
    3. The privacy of users is at stake.
    4. The tool could have a size restriction of the large PDF file.
  3. Using a professional tool
    All the limitations of online PDF splitting tools and manual methods can be left behind when using a more professional tool. One such tool is the Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool, which can effortlessly split large PDF into smaller files. The tool is capable of splitting and merging single or multiple PDF files within a few mouse clicks with its simple and user-friendly interface. Even when files become corrupted, you can restore entire corrupt PDF file with much ease. Follow these easy steps to split large PDF files:

    1. Install the Kernel for PDF Split & Merge tool on your system.
    2. Choose the ‘Split PDF file’ option and click on ‘Next.’Split PDF file
    3. Click on ‘Browse’ to select the large PDF file and click on ‘Next.’select the large PDF file
    4. Choose the options by which you want to split the PDF and click on ‘Next’ to proceedHere, ‘Split by number of pages’ has been checked, and the number of pages has been specified.Split by number of pages
    5. Select the destination to save the divided PDF files and click on ‘Save.’Select the destination to save
    6. To begin the process, click on ‘Split’.process start to split
    7. The result will be displayed; click on ‘OK.’ You can exit the software once it’s done.


PDF is the most widely used document format. Large PDF files need to be split into smaller ones according to the need and relevance. This seems like a critical process, but in reality, that is not the case. Google Chrome browser’s Print feature can be put into use to split a large PDF file. There are many online splitter tools that can complete the task within a few minutes. However, both these methods raise a few eyebrows, due to which using a professional tool like the Kernel for PDF Split & Merge is highly recommended.

Kernel for PDF Split & Merge