Methods to Migrate Office 365 Public Folders to SharePoint

Himanshu Goyal
Himanshu Goyal | Updated On - 30 Dec 2020 |

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There are many documents produced in an organization on a daily basis and managing this amount of data requires time and energy. Nowadays, most businesses heavily rely on Office 365 for creating documents, reports, sheets, and other essential files. Also, it allows users to collect data, organize, and share documents with the other team members with functionality like public folders.

Many organizations prefer to move their Office 365 public folders to SharePoint because of the excellent features that SharePoint provides. But, there is no direct method to migrate Office 365 public folders to SharePoint. However, there are different types of methodologies that you’ll have to use to migrate Office 365 public folders to SharePoint.

In this article, we have mentioned some effective methodologies that will allow you to migrate Office 365 public folders to SharePoint.

Manual Method – This method involves creating a new PST file, copy the public folder data to PST file, and then migrate that PST file to SharePoint. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Open the Outlook application and configure your Office 365 account with it.
  2. Now, click New Items and go to More Items and click Outlook Data File.
  3. After creating a new file, copy & paste the public folder data to the PST file.
  4. To upload this file to SharePoint, open the document library (convert the URL into universal naming convention format to make it suitable for the Public folder data).
  5. Drag-&-drop data from the PST file to the SharePoint library.

This way you can easily migrate Office 365 public folders to SharePoint. But the manual method has some limitations like it can only migrate a small amount of data, cannot migrate permissions, no filtering options, etc. So, we have mentioned here an alternative option as well.

Alternative Solution – Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint can eliminate the limitations of the manual method to migrate Office 365 public folders to SharePoint. It provides a quick and easy public folder to SharePoint migration. Let’s better understand this tool with the working process.

  1. Launch the tool and select Migration to SharePoint tab, and then click Public Folder.Launch the SharePoint Migration tool
  2. Now, click Public Folder to SharePoint Migration under this section. click Public Folder to SharePoint Migration
  3. The migration wizard will appear on the screen. Click Add Folder(s) button. And in the new window, select the Outlook Profile option and click Next.Select Outlook profile and click next
  4. In the next step, select the Outlook profile that is linked with Office 365 account and click Next.Select the Outlook profile that is linked with Office 365 account
  5. Once the connection is established, the tool will display the connected mailboxes. Dobule-click the mailbox.Dobule-click the mailbox
  6. Select the specific public folder from the mailboxes; it will bring back you to the below screen. Click Next to move to the next step.Select public folder from the mailboxes
  7. Select the SharePoint site where you want to migrate the public folders and click Next.Select SharePoint site where you want to migrate
  8. The tool will try to map the attributes of the content automatically. It’ll leave blank fields if relevant attribute is not available. In this case, you’ll have to map blank attributes, and then click Next.
    Map blank attributes, click next
    Note: You can also modify the selected attributes by clicking the Edit button.
  9. The migration options will be displayed on the screen. Select the specific options as per your requirements. Also, if you want to set filter before migrating public folder, then apply specific filters and click Next.Set filter option
  10. In the next step, the tool gives you the option to Migrate permission. Also, selecting Migrate permissions allows you to Remap Users. Click Next to move ahead.
    Select migration permission
    Note: From here, you can also perform user mapping or add a new user mapping.
  11. The tool will prompt to execute the migration. You can execute the migration immediately or schedule it for another time based on your requirements and click Next.Schedule your migration process
  12. The migration summary will be displayed in the tool, click Next to start the migration.Start the migration
  13. Once the public folder is uploaded to the SharePoint site, the tool will display all the content uploaded to the destination. Click Finish to end the process.Finish the migration process

As you can see, the process to move Office 365 public folder to SharePoint is very simple and quick with Kernel for SharePoint Migrator. Using the same software, you can also migrate Exchange public folder to SharePoint. Though if you still find it difficult to use the tool, you can ask our expert technicians about how to use this utility.


Migrating Office 365 data to SharePoint can be very beneficial for organizations, as it helps in managing the content more efficiently. With other Office 365 data, moving Public folders is also crucial. But the manual methods have limitations when it comes to migrating public folders. So, we have mentioned a third-party tool that makes the migration process easier.