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Summary: This article discusses the persistence of document corruption issues, particularly in Microsoft Word. It highlights the need for third-party tools like Kernel for Word Repair and offers guidance on identifying and resolving corrupt documents.

When we delve into the realm of document or file corruption, it’s regrettable to acknowledge that despite years of ongoing advancements and updates, numerous software applications continue to struggle in effectively combatting the underlying issues responsible for file corruption and damage. This leaves consumers susceptible and ill-equipped to handle corruption-related incidents.


MS Word is one amongst the most used applications, which hold content for different requirements.

File corruption is a prevalent concern, particularly when dealing with software tools such as Microsoft Word. Even documents created using Word 2016, despite their compatibility, are not immune to corruption. Numerous factors can contribute to corruption, posing a potential threat to both the document itself and the valuable data it contains.

In this article, we have compiled a set of techniques for opening corrupted Word DOC and DOCX files. Additionally, we provide professional tips on how to identify corrupt and damaged Word documents effectively.

At the outset, users often prefer manual methods for recovering Word documents, avoiding the need for downloading and installing additional software or dedicated tools. However, as mentioned earlier, Microsoft Word may lack comprehensive recovery capabilities. Nonetheless, there are still some approaches you can explore.

Repair Corrupt with Open and Repair feature-

The feature ‘Open and Repair’ which is present in MS Word firstly repairs minor issues in the file and then open it.

Below given are the steps to try to repair corrupt or damaged Word document using MS Word itself:

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016.
  2. Click on Open Other Documents – at the bottom left.
    Click on Open Other Documents
  3. Click Browse.
    Click on Browse
  4. Inside the Open file window, select the Word file, click on the drop-down, and select Open and Repair.
    Select Open and Repair
    Note: Microsoft Word will attempt to repair the document, wait for the process to complete.

Tips to Find Corrupt or Damaged Word Documents

While resolving corrupt files is undeniably crucial, it’s equally vital to promptly identify corrupted documents for timely fixes. Before delving into our mission to assist you in overcoming corruption issues, let’s first illuminate some professional tips to aid you in recognizing whether a Word document is indeed corrupt or damaged.

Investigate for Strange Behavior

When Microsoft Word documents become corrupted, they often exhibit unusual behavior. You can investigate potential corruption by checking for the following indicators when a document is open:

  • The numbering of existing pages repeats in the document.
  • Continuous page break in the document.
  • Wrong document layout and formatting.
  • Error message pop on-screen while processing.
  • The system stops responding when you open the document.
  • Unreadable character falls on-screen.
  • Word document exhibit other strange behavior unlike the normal operation.

Cross-check with Other Word Documents and Microsoft Programs

Other factors can indeed lead to strange behavior in documents, similar to the indicators mentioned above. To eliminate these potential factors, consider implementing the following points:

  • Check if other documents are showing the same strange behavior.
  • It is possible that Office programs other than Microsoft Word can display the same strange behavior; so, look for the same.

If any of the aforementioned conditions prove to be true, consider them as valuable clues confirming that a document is indeed damaged. Consequently, you may encounter difficulties in opening the Word file within the program as expected.

Microsoft Word and other similar programs often lack robust capabilities for repairing or resolving errors and issues in documents. As a result, users are left with little choice but to resort to third-party Word file repair software for effective solutions.

Third-party software can be characterized as dedicated and professional tools designed specifically to address associated errors and problems. To address the issue of MS Word document corruption, we recommend using Kernel for Word Repair.
Word Repair software

Advanced Tool to Repair Corrupt or Damaged Word DOC and DOCX Files

Below steps are given to help guide you on how to open corrupt word DOC and DOCX files with ease:

  1. Launch Kernel for Word Repair tool.
  2. Click on Add File(s) button to select the corrupt or damaged MS Word document. Click on Repair File(s).
    Click on Repair File
    Note: The tool enables you to select more than one damaged Word document.
  3. It is necessary to close all running instances of MS Word in the background before Kernel for Word Repair starts proceeding next and click Ok.
    Select multiple Wrod file
  4. Select a file save location and click Ok.
    Click ok
  5. Wait for the repair and recovery process to complete.
    Wait to complete the process
    Note: You can stop the progress any moment in case if something went wrong or you want to select a different Word document.
  6. Click Ok.
    Click Ok
  7. Click on the hyperlink given in the window to open the file (or navigate manually); else, click Ok.
    Process done


Similar to any other file formats, Doc and Docx documents are susceptible to various errors and corruption. Microsoft Office tools, unfortunately, do not possess the capability to effectively combat issues of file corruption and damage using their internal utilities. In such instances, the third-party software application Kernel for Word Repair emerges as the optimal solution. It excels in areas where native methods fall short, providing comprehensive document recovery capabilities.

Kernel for Word Repair