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How to Migrate Office 365 to Hosted Exchange?

Manisha Rawat
Manisha Rawat Updated On - 17 Feb 2020

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange are two popular offerings from Microsoft and plays an important role in the email management in organizations. Both of these are the mail servers based on the same application (Exchange) but differs because of the deployment type. Also, there is another option namely, hosted Exchange. Hosted Exchange and Office 365 (Exchange Online) are similar as they both are Software-as-a-Service platforms.

Here we are going to discuss the migration of mailbox from Office 365 to hosted Exchange but let’s first know why you should migrate to H\hosted Exchange.

  • With hosted Exchange, users have a choice on the version of Exchange they want to use. Hosted Exchange service providers provide different versions of Exchange whereas Microsoft provides only the latest with Office 365.
  • As the users have the option to stay with the existing version of Exchange, they usually don’t have to update their Outlook client (unless they are migrating to new versions). Consequently, no training is needed for employees.
  • Most of the hosted Exchange service providers offer deployment assistance and support to its customers. So, deploying a hosted Exchange is usually easier.

Now, we know the importance of Exchange and why you should migrate your mailbox to hosted Exchange, but the question arises now is how? How are you going to migrate mailbox from Office 365 to hosted Exchange?

There are manual ways to do it, but I will spare you from going through such a rigorous and risky process. The manual way not only consumes time, but also assures you nothing about your migration’s success. So, what is the best possible alternative left? A third-party tool!

Kernel Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition

Kernel Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition is a third-party solution which is an automated and powerful Office 365 to hosted Exchange migration tool. With this tool, one can easily migrate mailboxes from Office 365 to Hosted or Hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration. Let’s see the steps involved.

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  1. Start by adding the Office account by clicking on the Add button under the Add Source section.
  2. Enter Office 365 credentials and click on Add button.
  3. Now add the destination account by clicking on the Add button.
  4. Now, enter the credentials for hosted Exchange account and click on Add button.
  5. This step is for mapping the source account with the destination account. Select the destination account by clicking on the drop-down button and click on the Set Filter and Migrate.
  6. Here you need to select the mailbox by clicking on the drop-down and after selecting the mailbox (under destination) click on Migrate.
  7. Wait until all your mailbox items are shown.
  8. Once, the folder path is updated, apply the filters as per your requirement and click on I am OK, Start Migration.
  9. The migration will start taking place, one mailbox at a time.
  10. Click on OK once done.

And this is how to migrate your mailbox from Office 365 to hosted Exchange. It is surprising how easy the whole process and how user-friendly the interface is. Apart from migration, the tool offers many other exciting features, like Office 365 to Hosted Exchange migration, Office 365 to On-premise migration, On-Premise/Hosted to Office Migration, etc. go for it’s the trial version to check those features out.

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