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Summary: Creating a form in SharePoint is a simple process that helps users to gather information from others. Users can select the type of form they require, add questions & customize the design. SharePoint also allows users to collect responses, store them in one place & review the information gathered. Moreover, for any SharePoint migration needs, consider using Kernel Migration for SharePoint tool.

Microsoft SharePoint is an exceptional tool that simplifies your business processes. It is an excellent solution to collect data from people & integrate it into your SharePoint site or team site by creating a custom form. Let us show you how to create a SharePoint form that will improve your business processes.

How to create a Microsoft form?

To start with, we will first learn how to create a Microsoft form in SharePoint and then go for further SharePoint integration.

  • Access SharePoint and type up Forms in the Search field. Click on the Microsoft Forms option.Click on the Microsoft Forms option
  • Tap on New Form.Tap on New Form
  • Click on Add new and create the type of form you want.Add new and create
  • Here is a form created below.Here is a form created below
How to add a form in SharePoint?

As we now know how to create a form in SharePoint, we must now add it in the SharePoint page. Here are the steps to follow.

  • With the new form created, look for the option Collect responses.
  • Copy the Form link now.Copy the Form link now
  • Go back to the SharePoint home page and tap on Edit.tap on Edit
  • Tap on the “+” sign below in the page.Tap on the plus sign
  • Type Forms and choose Microsoft forms.choose Microsoft forms
  • Of the two options New form and Add existing form, click on the option Add existing form as we have already created one on the option Add existing
    Note: You can also use this way to create a new Microsoft form in SharePoint. Tap on New form and follow the same steps as guided before.
  • Paste the copied form URL and tap on OK.tap on OK
  • You will see the Form added to your Microsoft page now.added to your Microsoft page now
Are Microsoft forms created in SharePoint retained during migration?

When migrating from SharePoint to another platform, one might be concerned about whether Microsoft forms created in the platform will be retained. Rest assured, using the right migration tool can make sure all forms are extracted and retained throughout the migration process.

We recommend the Kernel Migration for SharePoint, a powerful tool that can easily migrate various SharePoint components, including forms, with no data loss or compromise. SharePoint Migration tool offers a smooth migration experience. Some of its key features include incremental migration, scheduled migration & support for multiple SharePoint versions.

Winding up

We have now covered how to create a form in SharePoint. Users can create highly customizable forms with ease by following the steps outlined. If you are looking at migrating data from your existing platform into SharePoint, we highly recommend Kernel Migration for SharePoint. It’s a quick way to move content into SharePoint cost-effectively. Try out the best SharePoint Migration tool today.

Q. How many types of forms are available in SharePoint?

A. In SharePoint Foundation workflows, three types of forms are utilized which are Association and Initialization Forms presented to users to fill out right before any workflow process begins.

Q. Why use SharePoint forms?

A. SharePoint forms offer customized solutions for specific needs & requirements. By allowing multiple users to collaborate & work on the same form simultaneously, it permits efficient data collection & collaboration.

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