How to connect Outlook to Exchange?

Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma | Updated On - 24 Apr 2020 |

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The article is dedicated to show the procedure of configuring the Exchange account in Outlook application. This scenario comes into picture when users wants to access their Exchange mailboxes from in their Outlook email client.

To configure Exchange Server into Microsoft Outlook, users must fulfill the given conditions –

  • Installation of Microsoft Outlook in the system in which configuration is to be performed
  • Ensure that all Exchange services are running
  • Email address and password information of the Exchange mailbox to be configured.

This procedure to configure Exchange user account in Microsoft Outlook is applicable for versions above Exchange Server 2010, i.e., Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019. Follow the steps in sequence for the configuration of Exchange user account:

  1. Open Control Panel using Windows+R and typing “Control Panel” or by searching it with the Search option.
  2. Go to Mail icon and click it.
  3. Then click the Email Accounts option under the Email Accounts section.
  4. Click the New option to add the new account in this e-mail client.
    add the new account
  5. Provide the E-mail Account login details like e-mail address, password, etc. and click Next.
    Account login details
  6. The configuration process will take some time.
    configuration process
  7. Once the connection between Exchange and Outlook is set up, click Next to continue.
    set up connection Exchange and Outlook
  8. Now choose the service (Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service) you want to configure and then click Next.
    choose the service
  9. Now the Outlook is configured with Exchange user account. Click Finish to complete the procedure.
    configured with Exchange user account
  10. Your Exchange Server user account is successfully configured with the Outlook email client. You can set it as default e-mail account as per your need.
    successfully configured Outlook account

Thus, you have just configured Exchange account in Outlook. But there can be situations when the connection fails due to some connectivity issues and improper settings. Then users can utilize the second option Manual setup or additional server types in the Auto Account Setup dialogue box by providing server, connection, and proxy settings.

But when Exchange database is corrupt or damaged, users will not be able to access their mailboxes in Outlook. Some users run ESEUTIL for EDB Repair but the process requires good technical knowledge and patience to perform this method.

But what to do if Exchange EDB files are corrupt and need to be accessed urgently. Then, you require a dependable, professional third-party Exchange Recovery software. Kernel for Exchange Server recovery software easily recovers corrupt and inaccessible EDB data and converts EDB to PST automatically automatically. Users can create a new PST file or save the data in the existing PST file. It maintains the data quality during the whole recovery and migration process.