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As we know, Master Boot Record is a small program that is executed when computer boots up. MBR begins the boot process by looking up the partition table and then determines which partition is to be booted. In DOS and Windows systems, MBR is created using FDISK /MBR command.

Are you facing Master Boot Record corruption? Is it damaged by a virus or a third party partitioning software installed on the system? Is it so, then you would be receiving the error message saying MBR Corrupt or Error loading operating system. It’s a common scenario with Master Boot Record getting corrupt due to viruses, spywares.

When systems BIOS (basic input/output system) detects a damaged MBR or boot sector, you’ll get to see menacing messages like Invalid partition table, Error loading operating system, or Missing operating system.

But now it’s easy to repair MBR within few clicks of mouse and acting diligently.

Follow the simple steps to fix corrupted or damaged MBR:

  • FUse a bootable floppy for the operating system.
  • FPlace the floppy in A:\ drive and then restart your computer.
  • FComputer will pick up the bootable floppy disk and start to load the utilities. If it doesn’t you may need to adjust your system BIOS to boot to the floppy drive first.
  • FFrom the command prompt run FDISK /MBR.

This way, your damaged MBR (Master Boot Record) will be replaced with a refurbished new one, and you would then be able to boot your system normally.

Please See: Above mentioned procedure assume that you have only one operating system installed. If you are an advanced user and have a multi-boot system with more than one operating system, you may need to do some additional research from the Microsoft website.

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