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PDF, the portable document format, was mainly developed to preserve and protect the content and layout of a document. So, this means PDF files are hard to edit. But it is possible to create an editable document of your PDF files by format conversion. PDF conversion is not that easy because of formatting, style, and spacing issues. After conversion, the PDF content alignment is completely dismantled.

Keeping these limitations in mind, we will go through all the possible methods of PDF to Google Doc conversion. In Google Docs, the editing of text files becomes super easy.

Guidelines to follow before converting PDF to Google Docs

Keep a check of these guidelines before converting PDF to Google Doc format:

  • The PDF file must not be larger than 2MB.
  • The images in the PDF document must be at least 10 pixels.
  • Your document text should be in Arial or Times New Roman font.
  • Images must be sharp with good contrast as they might become compressed in quality after conversion.
  • The PDF document must be oriented right-side-up. Rotate the document if this is not the case.

Top 4 ways to convert PDF files to Google Docs

Convert PDFs to Google Docs using Google drive

Direct conversion of PDF documents into Google Docs is possible. You can edit a PDF using Google Drive just like any other text document by going through the steps below.

    1. Sign in to Google Drive.
    2. To upload the PDF file, click on the sign “+” on the Google Drive Dashboard.click on the sign “+” on the Google Drive Dashboard
    3. Tap on File Upload and browse for your pdf file. Select the file and hit Enter.Select the file and hit Enter
    4. Once the PDF file is uploaded, right-tap on the file and select the option “Open with.”
    5. Then, you need to choose the option “Google Docs” in the “Open with” menu.choose the option
    6. The PDF conversion to Google Docs begins. It might take some time for conversion as it depends on the size of your PDF File.
    7. After a successful PDF to Google Docs conversion, you can easily edit your file without any hassle.

Note: The conversion can only be performed on a computer. You will not be able to make changes to your PDF file on your phone when you try these steps, it will only convert your PDF file into a read-only Doc.

Convert PDFs to Google Docs using MS word

Microsoft Word allows you to directly convert PDFs to Doc format & save files to Google Drive. The following steps will help you through the process.

  1. Launch the MS Word and tap on File > Open.tap on File Open
  2. Browse for the PDF file you wish to convert and select the file.select the file
  3. As you receive a prompt about file conversion, tap on OK.
  4. In a few moments, your PDF file will be converted to the Docx format with original formatting, font, text, spacing, etc.
  5. Now, click on Enable Editing on top of your screen.click on Enable Editing
  6. Next, from the File menu, click on Save As and save your document in Docx format.
  7. Access your Google Drive and upload the doc file. You can now edit the converted file easily.
Adobe PDF to word converter

Adobe PDF Converter is a free online tool from Adobe that you can use to easily convert PDF to Word files. After that, you can edit the document by accessing your converted file via Google Drive.

  1. Visit Adobe PDF to Word Converter page and tap on the option Select a file.Select a file
  2. Browse for the file you wish to convert and select it.Browse for the file
  3. Upload the file and wait for a few moments to finish the conversion.
  4. Once the file is converted to the Doc format, click on Download.click on Download
  5. Now, open your Google Drive and upload the converted Doc file here. You can easily open & edit your file in Google Docs.
  6. Note: For the conversion of more than one PDF file, you will have to sign in to your Adobe account. The conversion process remains the same as shown above.

Using online tools

Converting PDF files to Doc format is easy with an online PDF to Word Conversion tool. Drag and drop the file, wait for some time and you are all set with the converted doc file ready to download. Using a top-notch online converter can help you with as many as 20 files converted at the same time. But with such advantages, there exist some limitations. Free online conversion tools are not as reliable. Here is why.

Limitations of online conversion tools

  • Wrong words
  • Disjointed letters and numbers
  • Hyphenation confusion
  • Bold, underline, and italics errors
  • Disappearing links
  • Distorted graphics
  • Column and line break inconsistencies
  • Privacy and security Issues

With these methods, you will easily be able to convert your PDF files to Google Docs. Moreover, there can be instances when you need to convert the PDF files but it won’t open. This indicates a corrupted and damaged pdf file. Before converting the PDF files, you need to repair it. We recommend an advanced tool that stands among the best PDF repair tools of 2024. It is the Kernel for PDF Repair tool.

This advanced tool quickly fixes the inaccessible and corrupted PDF files in one go. From a single file to a batch of big files, this tool repairs everything in just a few clicks. Moreover, it recovers interactive objects like bookmarks, hyperlinks and notes. With easy user interface and recovery support for all PDF versions, the tool algorithms retain the formatting of files.

Closing Notes

This article is a detailed guide for everyone looking to quickly convert PDF files to Google Docs. Follow the above methods carefully and you can easily get an editable Google Doc file. Apart from these solutions, it is recommended to keep the Kernel for PDF Repair tool on your system and use it with ease for quick repairing of common PDF file errors. Download it for free for a trial and bookmark this tool for your future use.

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