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Summary: The article explains video formats, focusing on converting MP4 to 3G2. It details MP4’s versatility and 3G2’s efficiency, with conversion steps using FFmpeg or Kernel Video Converter for CDMA-based phones, offering format flexibility.

Various video formats are generated using diverse compression methods, designed for compatibility across multiple platforms. To view these videos on a different platform, users may need a specific media player that can handle the format. In cases where the user lacks a compatible media player, they may need to convert the video into a format supported by the target platform.

Today, we will explore the process of converting an MP4 video into a 3G2 format. While both MP4 and 3G2 formats serve as containers for audio and video data, they exhibit some differences owing to their distinct compression techniques.

MP4 Format

An MP4 file belongs to the MPEG-4 family of formats. It has gained widespread popularity among users for its versatility in streaming videos online through various platforms. If you’ve downloaded a video from a website, there’s a high probability that it is in the MP4 format.

MP4 Format

Apart from the video content, the MP4 can also store audio, subtitles, and images.

Supported media players – VLC Media Player, KM Player, GOM Player, Real Player, BS Player, MPlayer X, DivX Player, QuickTime media player

Properties of MP4 Format
  • Initially, the MP4 Format was created as per the ISO/IEC 14496-12:2001 standard. Because it was created by ISO/IEC and Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG), it has become the default format for International Standard audio-video coding.
  • Initially, the MP4 was based on the QuickTime File Format, but gradually it got a better design.
  • Technically, MP4 is not a video format but a digital container that can save data that has been compressed with the ISO/IEC standard. The standard mentions how data is stored but not encoded.
  • MP4 can save the video in lesser space than other video formats. The effective compression reduces the video file size, but the quality is not affected.
  • MP4 file is usable in both Windows and macOS Operating Systems, and they do not need any third-party software, but the user can play it on the native players.
3G2 Format

Indeed, the 3G2 format is part of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP2) multimedia container family and serves as the predecessor to the 3GP format. One notable advantage of 3G2 is its efficient use of storage space and internet bandwidth compared to 3GP, making it a suitable choice for mobile devices and environments with limited resources.

3g2 formats

Supported media players – GOM Player, MPlayer, Real Player, Totem player, K-multimedia player, Classic media player.

Properties of 3G2 Format

  • 3G2 file is encoded with the ISO base media file format defined in ISO/IEC 14496-12 – MPEG-4 Part 12.
  • The format was designed for CDMA-based phones, and it reduces the required storage space and bandwidth requirements.
  • 3G2 files can be encoded or decoded with the FFmpeg open-source software.
  • 3G2 Format supports audio streams (VMR-WB, SMV, EVRC, EVRC-8, EVRC-WB, QCELP) through ISO-based media format.
How to convert MP4 to 3G2 Format?

There is no built-in method to directly convert an MP4 video file to the 3G2 format. However, you can utilize the FFmpeg open-source software to perform the conversion, although it may potentially alter the video structure. For a solution that preserves the original file’s name, structure, and properties, you can consider using the Kernel Video Converter tool. Here’s an outline of the video conversion process:

  1. Open the software from the Applications menu and click the Add button with the plus icon.
  2. Open the Kernel Video Converter

  3. Select the MP4 video file(s) from their saving location. You can select multiple videos together. Then click Open.
  4. Select the MP4 video

  5. After selecting the videos, click the Next button.
  6. Next Process

  7. Click the checkbox to select 3G2 format and click Convert Now.
  8. checkbox to select 3G2 format to convert

  9. Select the destination folder to save new 3G2 files. Click OK.
  10. Select the destination folder to save new 3G2 files

  11. The software will convert all the videos quickly, and you can see their status as Success. You can also click on the link against videos and directly reach the converted videos.
  12. Successfully converted

Click Close after completing the conversion process.


The 3G2 format is primarily designed for CDMA-based phones. If you happen to use such phones, video conversion software can be a valuable tool for converting your video files to the 3G2 format. This software typically allows you to select and convert multiple MP4 files simultaneously, offering the flexibility to choose from various output formats. The fast conversion speed can significantly streamline the process, enabling you to convert a large number of files efficiently.

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