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Apple Mail is the email server included with Apple phones, laptops, and desktops. There are several issues with the email account about which many Apple users have complaints. So, it is a good practice to backup Apple Mail Emails to an external hard drive as a precaution against data loss situations.
Here, in this article, we will be discussing the 5 common issues with Apple Mail and their solutions. But before trying to understand any solution, do check your internet connection. A steady and smooth network ensures the proper functioning of the system and its applications.

  1. Mail not opening
  2. Please be certain that you are opening a version of the Mail application in use and well supported by Mac. You can even check this by locating it from the application folder.
    If the problem continues to exist, immediately contact Apple support.

  3. Issues while sending emails
    Not being able to send email could disturb the flow of your work and may come in between regular communication with your clients.
    If you have a strong internet connection and still Mac has stopped sending emails, then try these solutions:

    • Check the status of your emails by a click on the ‘lightning bolt’ symbol beside the ‘Inbox’ bar. If it shows a ‘Login Failed,’ do check with your Email server provider to ensure that it has been set up properly. Your email provider might provide you the status in case of a temporary outrage.
    • It becomes essential to check the verification of the email account. In order to do that, Open and access your email through the web browser, Safari.
    • Remove the account and then add it back again. In the Mail application, click on ‘Preferences’ under ‘Mail.’ Then, click on ‘Accounts.’ Select the account you want to remove and click on the provided option.
  4. Issues while receiving emails
    There is a high possibility of missing an important call or meeting when there are issues with receiving emails in your Apple account. To prevent any further major loss professionally, it becomes necessary to resolve the issue of receiving emails.

    • The first step would be to sort all the emails according to their date. This will bring clarity about the exact date on which this issue started occurring.
    • In case you are not receiving emails from a particular individual, then do take a look at all the blocked messages.
    • In addition, you might have applied filters on your mailbox, which is restricting the display of all emails received. To disable the filters applied, click on the ‘View’ option. Then, go to ‘Filter’ and finally, select ‘Disable Message Filter.’ Now, again check your Apple Mail for all the received emails.
    • If the issue still pertains, immediately contact your email account provider to check all the information in detail.
  5. Emails go missing
    Not being able to find essential mails could cause interruptions in the smooth functioning of work. These are the reasons behind emails going missing in the Apple mailbox-

    • To begin with, make sure you are checking in the correct mailbox. This confusion can happen if you are using multiple email accounts.
    • Please be certain that the email is not from a person whom you might have blocked. If that is the case, unblock that person and then check the emails again.
    • Many users apply ‘Rules’ to manage their emails with much more efficiency. When multiple rules are applied, the emails are displayed in the order of those applied rules. If you have also applied rules, they may have moved the emails to another place.
  6. Mail server is not accepting the login information
    There are instances where the Apple Mail server has rejected the login information of its users. To begin with, be attentive while entering the password. Be careful about entering the correct uppercase and lowercase characters where required.
    If the error continues, then you can verify the login information by following these steps-

    • Click on ‘Mail.’
    • Under the ‘Preference’ option, select ‘Accounts’ to verify the information.

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The Apple Mail does generate a few errors occasionally. But all these issues can be resolved with some simple workarounds. Before trying any solutions, make sure to have a good internet connection. And if not, then restart your Wi-Fi router or switch to another connection. However, if you need to access Apple Mail emails in Windows Outlook, you need to try an MBOX to PST converter.

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