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Mailboxes are one of the essential aspects of business communication; they give you the tools and features required to connect with users, customers, and stakeholders. Rediffmail is one such email client that is packed with all the essential features and functionalities required for effective communication. However, no matter how secure an email client is, it’s always great to backup your mailboxes for added security.

Email backup is an essential function that ensures data availability while avoiding any disruptions in email services. But, what is the requirement to backup Rediffmail mailboxes if it already offers advanced security algorithms to secure mailboxes?

This blog talks about the reasons behind backing up Rediffmail emails and how you can back up your mailboxes.

Reasons to Backup Rediffmail Emails

Undoubtedly, Rediffmail is an easy-to-use and secure web-based email application, but in some conditions, it is not feasible to keep all your emails secure. There are specific reasons to back up Rediffmail emails, such as:

  • Rediffmail is a cloud-based email application that stores all your mailboxes on the cloud, so it’s a bit challenging to keep your data secure from cybercriminals
  • You cannot retrieve your emails if the Rediffmail account gets locked
  • Any users can access your emails if your identity gets lost or miss-interrupted due to any reason
  • If you need to migrate your Rediffmail IMAP mailboxes to PST or any other format
  • To transfer your Rediffmail mailbox data to any other platform

For any of the above reasons, you may need to backup your Rediffmail emails on your local system.

Methods to Backup Rediffmail Emails

Talking about the backup methods, the traditional techniques are not much reliable and lacks in many ways. However, Rediffmail provides its own automated and easy-to-operate backup solution. This tool allows you to store the emails sent and received by users in a separate system while managing the mailbox structure. It also provides some vital features for backup, including:

  • Offers continuous and automated backup for emails sent and received by the users
  • Allows you to restore the emails of the specific date range, even if you delete any emails accidentally
  • Allows you to restore the backup of emails based on the date range
  • Backup specific emails instead of backing up the entire mailbox

However, to enable Rediffmail backup for your domain, you need to communicate with your account manager. Once you enable the backup policy, you can follow the below steps to assign the users with the email backup policy.

  • Log in to your domain email address with your admin account.
  • Click the Admin option to open the admin panel and go to Services.
  • Click the Email backup option in the service section.
  • Now, click Manage unassigned account and go to Assign.
  • Select Email Addresses from the Assign section and click Proceed.

Once users are assigned to the backup policy, you can back up any mailboxes by selecting a specific date range. However, it’s doesn’t always work if you have to backup all the mailboxes at once. If you ever face such a situation, you need an alternative tool that offers advanced capabilities to backup Rediffmail mailboxes.

Kernel IMAP Backup – For Instant Rediffmail Backup

If you cannot backup Rediffmail emails with the above method, Kernel IMAP Backup can help you backup all your emails without any errors. This tool is designed with intelligent functionalities to offer a secure and scalable email backup. With Kernel IMAP Backup, you can back up your Rediffmail emails to EML, PST, MSG, HTML, DOC, DOCX, and PDF formats. The tool is integrated with intelligent features that make the backup process easy, such as:

  • An advanced tool to backup all your Rediffmail mailboxes to various formats
  • Ideal for incremental backup and allows you to skip already backed up items from mailboxes
  • backup multiple mailboxes at once by adding your IMAP email account to the tool in just three simple steps
  • Uses a CSV file for the direct addition of multiple IMAP mailboxes for backup
  • Integrated with advanced filters like folder selection, date range, include/exclude a folder, and date selection
  • It doesn’t affect the hierarchy and structure of mailboxes during and after the backup
  • Ideal for all IMAP email servers like Rediffmail, Gmail, G Suite, Amazon WorkMail, Zoho Mail, etc.

Furthermore, the tool offers a free trial version that enables you to backup 10 items per folder.

Wrap Up

Rediffmail offers a secure and reliable environment for email communication, ensuring that critical information is safe. But, situations can happen when you might need your email data on your system. Thus, you need to create a backup for all your mailboxes on the local system. This article highlights the importance of Rediffmail backup and explains how you can perform it flawlessly with easy methods.

Kernel IMAP Backup
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