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Summary: Cloud platforms, like Microsoft and Google, offer diverse services. Users benefit from their innovative cloud offerings, storing data securely. Backup options are crucial for ensuring data safety, especially for platforms like SharePoint Online, Office 365 Public Folders, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive. Backup processes vary, requiring users to use specific applications or methods for each platform. Additionally, specialized migration tools, like Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, provide a comprehensive backup solution for various cloud services.

Cloud platforms have revolutionized the workplace, offering a plethora of services to users. Leading the innovation in cloud services are Microsoft and Google, both delivering top-notch facilities. Users are drawn to the convenience and advantages offered by these platforms for data storage. While Microsoft and Google prioritize cloud data security and accessibility, it remains prudent for users to maintain backups of their data, a feature provided within their respective cloud applications.

We will go through the process of taking the backup to local or remote computers in different cloud applications.

SharePoint Online Backup

Microsoft SharePoint Online stands as the foremost choice for collaboration and content management. Within SharePoint Online, various crucial data types should be preserved through backup to secure business continuity during unforeseen circumstances. Below is a comprehensive list of the data types essential for backup in SharePoint Online.

  • Data in Sites and subsites
  • Data in SharePoint Lists
  • Metadata like file type, date, and other information
  • Complete site structure, its architecture, navigation, and branding information
  • The email accounts of Microsoft 365 users accessing SharePoint Online

Backing up Site data manually is straightforward; you can utilize the Download option to save the documents within. Simply store these files in a designated local drive folder, specifically created for SharePoint Online Backup, ensuring future accessibility for restoration.

Office 365 Public Folder Backup

Office 365’s public folders offer fundamental collaboration and data sharing features. To create an offline backup of these public folders, you can utilize the Outlook application, as they are accessible within it. The application offers an Import/Export feature, allowing the creation of a backup file in PST format for emails.

  1. When you open the Outlook application and click the File option, you can see the Open & Export option.
  2. Choose the Import/Export option.
  3. Choose the option’ Export to a file’ and click Next.
  4. Select the second option of ‘Outlook Data File (pst)’ and click Next.
  5. Select the public folders of the Office 365 account and click Next. You can also use the checkbox to include the subfolders. Then click Next.
  6. Use the browse button to save the PST file and choose the options to handle the duplicate items. Click Finish.
OneDrive for Business Backup

OneDrive for Business, developed by Microsoft, is a robust storage solution designed for enterprise use. This cloud-based platform offers ample storage to Office 365 users, allowing them to securely save and access their files. Within Office 365, SharePoint Online users can store their data in OneDrive for Business and retrieve it on their computers at a later time.

  1. The OneDrive for Business users can download the selected files and folders in different ways.
    • You can select the individual file using the circular box in front of it.
    • To select all the files present in the folder, you can use the circular checkbox on the top of the list.
    • You can also choose the complete folder.
  2. Now, go to the Download options at the top navigation.
  3. Browse the folder to save the files and save it.

If you select multiple files to download, the system will create a zip file with all the files and folders. If you select the individual files, then only the files will be downloaded.

Google Drive Backup

Google Drive stands out as the preferred cloud platform among the general populace. Utilizing a Google account, individuals can conveniently access and store various forms of data. Similar to OneDrive for Business, content from Google Drive can be downloaded for offline use.

  1. Login to Google drive URL –
  2. Select the file or folder, then right-click it. Click Download.
  3. The download will start immediately, and you can find the data in the default Downloads folder.


Both of these providers offer cloud platforms that enable users to back up their cloud data on their local computers. However, the process requires using separate applications and involves various methods for exporting or downloading the data. Alternatively, there’s a specialized SharePoint Migration software named Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, designed for professionals. With this tool, you can securely store backups of your data in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, or Google Drive. It allows you to list all your accounts and easily initiate backups, saving the files to your system in a specified folder.

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