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Summary: Accessing OST files can be challenging due to platform issues or technical glitches, risking data loss. OST Viewer offers a free, user-friendly solution to view and repair OST files, with the ability to preview and generate visual reports. For saving data, Kernel for OST to PST Converter is recommended, offering data conversion and migration to Office 365 and Exchange Server, even for non-tech users.

Often, accessing OST files and their associated items can pose challenges. This difficulty may arise from the absence of the Outlook platform or encountering technical glitches while trying to access these specific files, typically resulting in errors. OST files are closely tied to Outlook and MS Exchange, and like many other error-prone situations, there is a notable risk of OST file corruption. When users attempt to open these files, they often encounter failure, accompanied by error messages that unmistakably signal the files’ inaccessibility.

The only practical solution for accessing the OST file and its associated elements is seeking assistance from a third-party tool. Nevertheless, choosing the right third-party tool and evaluating its performance can be crucial for every user. To simplify this selection process, many professionals highly recommend opting for an OST Viewer.

Kernel OST Viewer offers a secure platform for accessing Outlook emails and their associated attachments. One of its standout features is that it’s available as a free tool, allowing you to access files and items without any cost. This tool grants full access to items, including their attachments, which can be both opened and printed. OST Viewer excels in handling damaged OST files as well; it possesses the capability to repair these files and restore them to their initial state.

What more OST Viewer conceals?

For users considering the use of OST Viewer, it’s important to delve into the tool’s additional advantageous features. Here are some of its notable capabilities:

  • Selection of multiple OST files in a single instance: OST Viewer tool offers a single window frame that enables users to select one or multiple OST files in a single instance. This time-saving feature streamlines the process of accessing multiple files at once.
  • Dedicated Preview option for OST files and folders: The free OST tool includes a dedicated preview window designed to facilitate the viewing of OST items, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive review process. This window encompasses essential components such as the Task Pane, Mailbox View featuring both Simple View and Advanced Properties View, and a Folder List for easy navigation.
  • Availability of Visual Reports related to OST recovery: This tool provides comprehensive visual reports, offering insights into various aspects such as mail flow, item types, and user interactions. These detailed reports enhance the user’s understanding of their OST data.

OST Viewer is available as a free download without any restrictions. It efficiently accesses OST files without consuming significant disk space. Its user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) ensures that users of all skill levels can effortlessly navigate and access OST files without the need for technical training or assistance.

How to get the option to save OST data?

While Kernel OST Viewer grants access to the content of OST files, it doesn’t provide the capability to save this content. To save OST file items, users can turn to the Kernel for OST to PST Converter tool. This versatile tool not only converts OST files into PST format but also facilitates seamless migration of OST data to Office 365 and Exchange Server. Its user-friendly migration process can be executed without the need for advanced technical skills.

Save recovered data

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