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Outlook, developed by Microsoft, stands as the preferred choice for users seeking efficient email and data management. It serves as an all-in-one hub, dedicated to streamlining tasks by effectively organizing emails, contacts, tasks, notes, and calendars. Professionals often contend with a deluge of emails from diverse sources. To simplify this process, Outlook offers an Instant Search feature, enabling rapid retrieval of emails even in a cluttered inbox. Nonetheless, this feature is not immune to occasional errors that can disrupt workflow by failing to complete searches. In this article, we will delve into resolving the “Something went wrong, and your search couldn’t be completed” error in Outlook.

Solutions to Fix the Search Error in Outlook

Various reasons could be behind the “Something went wrong, and your search couldn’t be completed” error in Outlook. The prime reasons include issues in Windows Search Service, indexing of Outlook, major damage in PST files, an outdated operating system, and conflicts created due to add-ins. Nevertheless, even these can be easily managed and fixed using the approaches mentioned below-

  1. Check for updates
    You can quickly address specific errors in your Windows operating system by installing the most up-to-date version. Updates come with enhancements that help prevent system glitches. Ensure that you regularly update both your Windows operating system and the Outlook email client to stay current.
  2. Eliminate All Installed Add-Ins
    Numerous problems can surface when Outlook is laden with diverse third-party add-ins, often resulting in the frustrating error message, “Something went wrong, and your search couldn’t be completed.” This occurs due to the conflicts these add-ins can provoke with the application and its functionalities. Therefore, it is advisable to uninstall all such extensions as a prudent course of action.

    To eliminate all third-party extensions from Outlook, adhere to the following procedure:

    1. Open the Outlook application.
    2. Click on “File” and then “Options.”Click on File and then Options
    3. From the left panel present, select “Add-ins.” Now, on the bottom right window, click on the drop-down menu of “Manage.” Click on “Go.”click on the drop-down menu of Manage, Click on Go
    4. Tick on all the checkboxes of all the add-ins and click on “Remove.”click on Remove
    5. Restart Outlook and check if the error has been resolved.
  3. Verify the Windows Search Service
    The Windows Search Service is responsible for maintaining an index of all content, ensuring swift search results. Even minor disruptions in its functionality can result in Outlook search errors. To resolve potential issues with the Search Service, consider running a troubleshooter.
    To initiate a troubleshooter for the Search Service, adhere to the following steps:

    1. Directly move to the “Settings” of your system.
    2. Click on “Update and Security.”
    3. From the left panel, select “Troubleshoot” and then click on “Additional Troubleshooters.”
    4. Scroll and select “Search and Indexing” and click on “Run the Troubleshooter.”
  4. Rebuilding the Outlook Index:
    Indexing, in its simplest form, involves creating and managing an index of terms found within your email messages. When Outlook’s indexing is incomplete, it can lead to a lack of search results or even none at all. Fortunately, users have the option to initiate a rebuilding process for this index.
    Follow these steps to rebuild Outlook Indexing:

    1. Close the Outlook application.
    2. In the search box, type “indexing.”
    3. Click on “Indexing Options” and then on “Advanced.Click on Indexing Options
    4. A new window will be displayed. Under the Troubling panel, select “Rebuild.
    5. Finally, click on “OK.”Finally, click on OK
  5. Restoring Corrupted Outlook Data Files
    Microsoft Outlook securely maintains user data in the PST file format, an advanced storage method. Nevertheless, for various reasons, these PST files can become extensively damaged. As they house critical user information, it is imperative to employ a reliable tool for their repair. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is such a tool with the ability to repair any corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible PST file. It can troubleshoot and fix common Microsoft Outlook issues. There are no restrictions on the size or quantity of files that can be repaired, and its user-friendly interface simplifies the process for users of all types.

    The software exhibits excellent compatibility with all Windows operating system versions as well as Microsoft Outlook.

    Follow these steps to quickly repair your PST files:

    1. Install the software.
    2. Click on “Browse” to add single or multiple files. It will be added to the tool and click on “Next.”add single or multiple files
    3. A comprehensive preview will be displayed of all the contents of the PST file.preview will be displayed of all the contents of the PST file
    4. From the list of Outlook formats, select “PST file.” Click on “Next.”select PST file
    5. You can add a few filters to narrow down the search process.add a few filters to narrow down the search process
    6. Click on “Browse” to select a destination for the repaired file. Finally, click on “Finish.”Browse to select a destination
    7. The repaired PST file will successfully be saved to the preferred location.


Outlook’s Search feature is highly coveted, but occasionally, when searching for an email, you may encounter an error message that reads, “An error occurred, and your search couldn’t be completed in Outlook.” This hiccup can disrupt your workflow. To address this issue, start by ensuring both your Windows operating system and Outlook are updated to their latest versions. Additionally, eliminate any add-ins from Outlook and verify the status of the search service and indexing. This problem frequently arises from a severely corrupted PST Outlook file, necessitating the use of Kernel for Outlook PST Tool to repair the PST file.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair