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Summary: The content provides instructions on how to insert PDF files into PowerPoint presentations, either as whole documents or specific parts. It also mentions the need to repair corrupt PDFs before insertion and suggests using a tool like Kernel for PDF Repair.

PowerPoint is the ideal application for presenting projects, programs, or lessons in a structured manner, whether it’s in a business meeting or an educational setting. It allows you to incorporate text, images, illustrations, graphs, and more effectively.

In addition to aiding you in articulating and conveying your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge clearly, this process also ensures that your content is well-organized and easily comprehensible. Occasionally, you might find it necessary to incorporate PDF files or excerpts from them to enhance your presentation. In this blog post, we will explore the methods for integrating PDFs into PowerPoint presentations.

Ways to Insert PDF File into A PowerPoint Presentation

You can include a PDF file either in its entirety or selectively, depending on your needs.

Inserting the ‘entire PDF’ in a PowerPoint presentation:
  • Inserting PDF as an object
    This approach allows you to seamlessly integrate the entire PDF file into your presentation, as detailed below:
    1. Prior to commencing this procedure, ensure that the PDF you intend to insert is not currently open on your computer.
    2. Open PowerPoint and select the slide to which you wish to insert the desired PDF.
    3. Select ‘Object.Select Object
    4. Select ‘Object type.’Object type
    5. Browse’ to find the desired PDF.find the desired PD
    6. Press ‘Open.’
    7. This procedure incorporates the intended PDF into your presentation, which may result in a reduction in the PDF’s quality. To view or edit it, simply double-click the PDF icon to open it in standard view.
    8. To access the PDF while in the slideshow, simply click on the PDF icon or image located on the slide that contains the PDF document.
    9. Click ‘Insert.’
    10. Click ‘Action’ in the ‘Links’ group.
    11. In the ‘Action setting’ box, select ‘Mouse Click’ or ‘Mouse Over’ or move the pointer over the PDF icon.
    12. Select ‘Object action’ and open it in the list.
Inserting ‘a part of the PDF’ in PowerPoint presentation:
  • Inserting as an image
    To incorporate specific sections of the PDF as an image, essentially taking a screenshot of the desired portion, follow the instructions outlined below:

    1. Access the PDF file you want to include in the PowerPoint presentation.
    2. Capture a screenshot of the PDF page while adjusting the zoom to include all the content you want on your slide. To take the screenshot, simply press the Windows key + PrtScr simultaneously.
    3. Launch PowerPoint and choose the slide where you want to insert the image.
    4. Click ‘Insert’ at the top bar, go to ’pictures’ and select ‘screenshots.’Select screenshots
    5. Select the desired ‘screenshot’ and move to the next slide.
  • Inserting text from the PDF
    If you wish to insert a specific portion of a page, particular text, or selected paragraphs, employing the copy-paste method can streamline your tasks and conserve your valuable time. To achieve this, simply adhere to the following steps:
    1. Please open the PDF containing the text or paragraph(s) you’d like to select.
    2. Choose the specific section you want, then right-click and select the ‘copy’ option or use the copy icon.
    3. Please open the PowerPoint presentation (PPT) and choose the slide where you want to insert the text or element. Click on the selected slide, and then press the ‘paste’ command.
Can you insert corrupt PDF files into PPT?

Inaccessible PDF files, marred by corruption, cannot be directly added to a PowerPoint presentation. However, you do have the option to repair these files before attempting to insert them into a PPT. When you wish to insert the corrupt PDF into your PPT presentation, you can take the help of a third-party tool like Kernel for PDF Repair. It is a simple tool that repairs PDF files in a few steps.


We trust that you’ve found this blog post to be useful, simplifying the process of incorporating a PDF into your PowerPoint presentation. Occasionally, during your presentation or even before its completion, you might have encountered the unfortunate situation of your PDF file becoming corrupted, inaccessible, or damaged. A PDF Repair Tool proves indispensable at those crucial moments and helps you repair and recover your corrupted multiple PDF files in no time and easily without any loss to data, structure, and properties of the same, preserving hyperlinks, and notes contained in them.

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