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Summary: Converting Outlook PST files to Apple Mail’s MBOX format is essential for Mac users. Our step-by-step guide covers both manual and professional methods for a seamless transition, with the professional tool Kernel for Outlook PST Repair offering a more efficient and reliable solution for preserving data integrity and hierarchy.

Microsoft Outlook, a widely used email client, serves as a hub for coordinating meetings, task planning, sending invitations, and more. There are instances when users require importing their Outlook PST files into Apple Mail. In this article, we will explore effective methods to convert Outlook PST files to Apple Mail format, facilitating seamless data migration.

Microsoft Outlook utilizes PST format to store mailbox data, while Apple Mail relies on MBOX format. This article outlines both manual and professional approaches for converting PST files to MBOX, facilitating seamless data migration between the two email clients.

Why import Outlook PST to Apple Mail?

Many situations may force you to convert Apple MBOX files to PST, such as:

  • A sudden crash of Outlook
  • Corruption in Outlook PST file
  • Account deletion issue with Outlook
  • Shifting to a new environment with Apple Mail (Mac)
  • Mac Mail does not require any license for upgradation
  • Available as free
Manual method to import Outlook PST to Apple Mail

The manual method to import PST to MBOX is quite a long process and requires much effort.

Step 1: Enable IMAP in Gmail account
  1. Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Select the settings-related option from the top-right corner.Select the settings-related option
  3. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP.Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. Check the option, Enable IMAP.Enable IMAP
  5. Click on the Save changes option.
Step 2: Configure the Gmail account in Outlook
  1. Now open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select Add Account from the File tab.Select Add Account
  3. Select New from the Account Setting Wizard
  4. Select Email Account and click Next.
  5. Select Manual Setup. Click Next.
  6. Select Internet Email; click on Next.
  7. Enter the name, email address, and password in the new dialogue box.
  8. Change the account type to IMAP.
  9. Type in Incoming Mail Server.
  10. Type in Outgoing Mail Server.
  11. Select More Settings.
  12. Under the Outgoing Server menu, select My outgoing server requires authentication.
  13. Click OK and then Next.
  14. Select the Finish option to end the setup.
  15. Drag the desired emails from the Outlook account and drop them to any Gmail folder.
Step 3: Configure Gmail Account in Apple Mail
  1. Open Apple Mail; select Preferences from the Mail option.
  2. Select the Accounts tab; click on the Add icon.
  3. Enter your name, email address, and account password. Click Continue.
  4. Enter all the necessary information in the specific fields.
  5. Now move emails from the Gmail folder to an Apple Mail folder.

The above described was a non-professional way to import PST to Apple Mail. But this manual method is quite tedious and also does not guarantee results. It also has the risk of losing the data.Also, you can see best free PST repair tool if your PST file is corrupt or damaged. Hence it is best to switch to a professional method for converting PST to MBOX.

A professional way to import PST files to Apple Mail

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is a professional tool renowned for repairing corrupt or damaged PST files and converting them to various formats, including MBOX. It ensures data integrity and hierarchy preservation while exporting PST emails to MBOX files, allowing selective saving with all associated data.


PST files store Microsoft Outlook mailbox items, but they are not compatible with Mac systems. Therefore, convert PST files to MBOX may be necessary for various reasons. While a manual conversion process exists, it can be lengthy and has limitations. For Apple Mail users, opting for a professional method is often the preferred choice.

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