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How to backup and restore files from corrupt drive?

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Consider this: – Hard drive is badly corrupt and you need to restore the data out of it. Adding to the worst, even the backup is not there. Files and folders were not backed up earlier. Completely caught in a strenuous situation! Now what can be done?

If you had backups, then the situation could have been different. Data would be easily restored without any helping hand. Since no choice is left now, you can yourself try backing up the data and recovering the files folders from corrupt hard drives. Try given methods that help in restoring the data. If one is not working, then switch to the next option.

  1. Use Scan Disk (for Windows 95, 98, ME users) or CHKDSK (for Windows 2000/NT/XP users). CHKDSK executes automatically every time Windows is booted if errors are detected on drive. After booting is done, you can back up the files and folders.
    Run Scandisk and correct the FAT table on bad drive. If it is incorrect, it allows overwriting of existing data on bad drive. After fixing the FAT table, go for virus scan for any kind of virus definition. After this copy all important files to the new hard disk drive. If this one is not working appropriately, then go for second option.
  2. Reinstall the Operating System again Avoid installing on the corrupt hard drive as data gets overwritten and data is lost. Install Windows OS on a new hard drive after formatting it. Attach the new drive as Master and bad drive as Slave to copy all the important files.
    One should never ever attempt to write to a hard drive which is corrupt. Even a virus scan should be avoided to correct the infected files as this could lead to more data corruptions. After the backup is done, boot the corrupt hard drive with virus free and write protected Floppy and DOS utility FDISK to format the corrupt drive. FDISK facility automatically checks for surface errors.
  3. Try Windows Data Recovery Lastly, if everything is in vain, you must consider data recovery software. Kernel for Windows is an efficient Windows Data Recovery tool that helps to recover data out of corrupt hard drive.

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