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These days it can be rightfully said that email is equivalent to Gmail. Gmail, which is from Google, is the biggest email service provider with more than 1.5 billion active users across the globe. Professional communication has become accessible to all users due to its simple yet powerful interface. For a smooth transfer of emails, many factors need to be in perfect sync with each other. The worst nightmare for any professional would be Gmail emails getting deleted. It may hamper work, meetings, and deadlines. In fact, this is a reality for some individuals and needs to be resolved on an urgent basis.

Why are Gmail Emails Getting Deleted?

It is equally necessary to know about the causes of this issue to avoid it from happening in the future. These are the prime reasons behind your emails getting deleted-

  1. A filter to automatically delete emails has been applied.
  2. The emails are being forwarded to some other email account.
  3. The emails have been marked as spam.
  4. An issue with the setting of an email client where you can access your Gmail account.
Methods to Recover Deleted Emails
  1. Recover emails from the Spam folder
    It could be the case that a particular email has been identified as spam and is directly being moved to the Spam folder. Keep one thing in mind that all the emails in the Spam section get automatically deleted after 30 days.

    Follow these steps to recover emails from the Spam folder:

    1. Open your Gmail account.
    2. From the extreme left panel, scroll down and select the ‘Spam’ section.scroll down and select the Spam
    3. If you found the email, tick the checkbox against it.
    4. Select ‘Not Spam,’ and now, it will reflect in the Inbox.Select Not Spam
  2. Recover emails from Bin
    The email might have been deleted accidentally and sent to the Bin section of your mailbox. Like the Spam section, emails get automatically deleted after 30 days from the Bin.

    Follow these steps to move emails from the Bin:

    1. From the left panel, select ‘Bin.’select Bin
    2. Check the box in front of the email.
    3. Select the ‘Move to’ option and then click on ‘Inbox.’click on Inbox
  3. Disable all deletion filters
    You might have applied filters that deleted or archived some emails on their own. This could be added on the basis of the content attachments, sender, receiver, etc. To stop Gmail emails from getting deleted, you need to remove any such applied filter.

    Disable all deletion filters using these steps:

    1. Open your Gmail account and go to its ‘Settings.’Open
    2. Click on ‘See all settings.’See all settings
    3. Under the tab ‘Filters and blocked addresses,’ search for any ‘Delete’ or ‘Skip Inbox’ filters.
    4. Remove any such filters.Remove filters
  4. Remove all forwarding accounts
    You might have added a forwarding address due to which certain emails are directly being forwarded to that email account and getting deleted from your Gmail account. There is a need to either remove this forwarding address or keep a copy in your own Inbox.

    Make changes to the forwarding settings using this process-

    1. Open ‘Settings’ in your Gmail account.
    2. Click on ‘See all settings.’
    3. Move to the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ section and check if you have added an account in the ‘Forwarding’ column.Forwarding
    4. Now, click on ‘Remove account’ and ‘OK.’click on Remove account
Backup Gmail Emails

Everything technical is prone to technical glitches. However, the level of error could range from high to low. But what is at stake is your personal or professional data. Therefore, experts always recommend a backup of your Gmail account.
Kernel Gmail Backup tool has been carefully designed to deal with this. This is a professional software capable of taking backup of the entire Gmail mailbox and saving it in your desired format.

These are some prominent features of the Kernel Gmail Backup tool-

  • Backup entire Gmail mailbox items to computer, including Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Bin, Starred, etc.
  • The backup can be saved into multiple file formats, including MSG, EML, HTML, MHT, PDF, DOCX, and DOC.
  • A detailed report after backup is provided which can also be saved.
  • The data is retained as it is, without any data loss.
  • This software is compatible with all Windows operating systems.Kernel Gmail backup tool


Gmail emails getting deleted can interrupt a smooth-running business and come in the way of a working professional. To resolve this issue, recover the email from the Bin and Spam folders. Further, make sure to disable any deletion filters which might have been applied. It is necessary to keep a copy of the email in your Inbox if you have added any forwarding addresses. Experts always suggest keeping a backup of your Gmail mailbox by using the Kernel Gmail Backup software.