Convert Exchange Mailbox Type Using Exchange Shell Commands

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Converting one type of mailbox to another type is possible in Exchange environment, and you can complete the task with the help of Set-Mailbox command in the Exchange Management Shell. Here are the types of mailbox(es) which you can convert in Exchange –

  • User mailboxes It is the basic type of mailbox that is assigned to Exchange users. So, it is called a user mailbox. It helps users in sending or receiving the message, creating/managing contacts, scheduling meetings, etc. Also, user mailboxes can choose to receive voicemails in it.
  • Shared mailboxes An Exchange administrator can create a shared mailbox to provide access to multiple users. Shared mailboxes are not directly connected with any account, but after creating a shared mailbox, administrators can give permissions to multiple users to use the shared mailbox.
  • Room mailboxes A Room mailbox is specifically created to utilize as a resource of the organization. A room is created for meeting locations like conference rooms, meetings rooms, training rooms, and auditoriums.
  • Equipment mailboxes Equipment mailbox is a resource mailbox which can be associated to portable devices like microphones, projectors, laptops, cars, etc.

Now, There are Different Types Conversions Which You Can Perform Using the Exchange Shell Commands

  • User mailbox to shared mailbox.
  • Shared mailbox to user mailbox.
  • Equipment mailbox to shared mailbox.
  • Room mailbox to shared mailbox.
  • Shared mailbox to room mailbox.
  • Shared mailbox to equipment mailbox.
Convert the type of mailbox using Exchange Management Shell

To convert the type of mailbox and its password, use the following cmdlet–

Set-Mailbox -Identity <MailboxIdentity> -Type <Regular | Room | Equipment | Shared> [-Password (ConvertTo-SecureString -String ‘<Password>’ -AsPlainText -Force)] [-EnableRoomMailboxAccount <$true | $false> [-RoomMailboxPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -String ‘<Password>’ -AsPlainText -Force)] [-ResetPasswordOnNextLogon <$true | $false>]

For example:

Set-Mailbox -Identity “DB022121” -Type Shared [-Password (ConvertTo-SecureString – String ‘12345’)] [-ResetPasswordOnNextLogon <$true>]

To change the type of the mailbox only –

Set-Mailbox -Identity “DB43232324” -Type Shared
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