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Updated On - June 07, 2023

What is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

Most cloud users are familiar with OneDrive, the cloud storage facility from Microsoft. It is present in the latest Windows-based computers by default. OneDrive of Business is the professional version of the same facility that is available to businesses through the Microsoft 365 subscription. In this article, we will run a check for OneDrive vs…

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Updated On - March 24, 2023

Comparison Between OneDrive vs Google Drive, Which is the Best?

Cloud storage has given the users excellent flexibility to reduce the load of files present in the Operating System. Users can now migrate the content from File System to Cloud by uploading them directly, either individually or in folders. Each file’s features, like permission levels, access rights, format, and metadata remain the same as they…

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Updated On - July 17, 2021

Differences Between File Deletion and File Shredding

A computer has only a limited storage capacity to store the files. The user divides the whole disk space into various drives for better management and saves the data in multiple folders in those drives. We also know that it is not suitable for an unnecessary file to remain in the drive for an unlimited…

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Updated On - November 03, 2022

Microsoft 365 Litigation Hold Vs. Retention Policy

Microsoft 365 has become an important tool for businesses of all sizes. The ability to store and access files from any device, anywhere, has made it a popular choice for companies looking to simplify their IT infrastructure. However, with great power comes great responsibility. And as more and more businesses rely on Microsoft 365 to…

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Updated On - May 04, 2022

SharePoint Upgrade Vs. Migration – How to Choose?

Read on this blog to know about the factors that should be considered while planning a SharePoint Server upgrade or migration. Any new version of SharePoint Server is better than its previous versions in terms of features, functionality, interface, storage capabilities, and performance. And there are two ways to move to the new version –…

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Updated On - April 19, 2023

SharePoint Online Vs. SharePoint On-Premises – A Quick Comparison

Though many enterprises are moving towards cloud platforms like Office 365, some businesses are still not ready to move the data to the cloud. There are many requirements that make it difficult for them to move every workload to the cloud. It means that the availability of cloud platforms has not affected the relevance of…

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