Kernel Office 365 Migration

An automated solution for Office 365 mailbox migration

  • Office 365 tenant to tenant migration
  • Hosted Exchange migration
  • Office 365 primary/archive mailbox migration
  • Office 365 Public folder migration
  • Migrates Email messages, Journal entries, Appointments, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Attachments, Tasks, etc
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What extra you get with Kernel Office 365 Migration

Our Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool offers some extensive benefits to the user:

  • Direct migration between source & destination Office 365 tenants
  • Automated migration using a comma-separated value (CSV) file
  • Smart filtering options to migrate specific items only
  • Complete migration report for each migration task
  • Option to skip the already migrated data
  • Allows login with the app password if multi-factor authentication is activated
  • Free demo version to migrate 10 items per folder
  • 24*7 support available for any help

Know what you can migrate with Kernel Office 365 Migration.

  • Mailboxes

    Mailbox folders - Inbox, Sent items, Drafts, Outbox, Deleted Items, Contacts, Tasks, Journal Entries, etc.

    Items - Email messages, Journal entries, Appointments, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Attachments, Tasks, etc.

  • Public Folders

    Folders - Mail-enabled folders, Messages, Calendar, Journal, Notes, Templates, Custom Attributes, etc.

    Data - Email messages, Journal entries, Appointments, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Attachments, Tasks, etc.

  • Meta & Heirarchy

    Metadata - From, To, Subject, Date, Time, Cc, Bcc, etc.

    Maintains mailbox hierarchy as it is.

    Delegate full access rights to source mailboxes for migration

  • Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

    Mailboxes, Public Folders, & Office 365 Groups

    Consolidation of cloud assets after mergers & acquisitions

    Offers mapping between source & destination mailboxes

  • Archive Mailboxes

    Archive Mailbox folders - Inbox, sent items, Drafts, Outbox, Deleted Items, Contacts, Tasks, Journal Entries, etc.

    Items - Email messages, Journal entries, Appointments, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Attachments, Tasks, etc.

  • Migrates Office 365 Groups & more

    Office 365 Groups, Shared Mailboxes, etc.

    Multiple mailboxes under an administrator account

    Even if email address is different from Mailbox Login ID

Native Solutions v/s Kernel Office 365 Migration

  • Native Solutions
  • Migrates Office 365 mailboxes
  • Uses SCRIPTS to migrate Office 365 public folders
  • Migrates all items from mailboxes
  • DO NOT ensures data integrity
  • High chances of data loss
  • DO NOT migrates specific data
  • NO provision of automatic mapping
  • NO migration alerts and notifications
  • NO migration reports
  • Kernel Office 365 Migration Tool
  • Migrates Office 365 mailboxes
  • Migrate Office 365 public folders from GUI
  • Migrates all Items from mailboxes
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Zero chances of data loss
  • Migrates specific data with smart filters
  • Automatic mapping for bulk mailboxes
  • Notifications, report console, job summary, etc.
  • Summary after each migration (can be saved in CSV)
Main Features

What makes the tool different from others?

  • Quick and easy migration

    Allows you to complete the migration in four steps – Add Source, Add Destination, Map, & Migrate.

  • Direct mapping

    Maps the source mailboxes with target mailboxes manually or using a CSV file.

  • Migration between tenants

    Performs fast migration between two Office 365 tenants without any loss of data.

  • Delegate Impersonation Rights

    Allows you to provide impersonation rights to user mailboxes for bulk migration.

  • Filters data before migration

    Migrate specific items with filters like Date Range, Item Type, Selection/Exclusion options, etc.

  • Migration Report

    Complete migration report after migration, depicting the status of each mailbox item.

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Salient Features

Migration of Office 365 to data to another Office 365 tenant is now flawless, swift, and instant using the Kernel Office 365 Migration. It accesses all the mailboxes of one tenant and migrates them to another Office 365 tenant.

Plan your Migration with Pre-Migration Analysis

Migrate between two Office 365 tenants

You can use the tool to perform a migration between two Office 365 tenants by inputting the source and destination account credentials and mapping the source & destination mailboxes directly. It supports migration of primary mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder.

Migrate Everything with Zero Impact and Downtime

Migrate between any Office 365 plans

There are multiple plans for Office 365, like Business, Business Premium, and Business Essentials. Our tool supports each plan, and you can complete the migration between any two plans efficiently.

On-premises Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Migrate Office 365 mailboxes & more

Before starting the migration, you can select/deselect mailbox folders and apply a set of filters like, select item type, include/exclude date, skip previously migrated items, etc. And the migration is completed with the required data only.

Office 365 to Office 365 Tenant Migration

Migrate unlimited Office 365 mailboxes

The tool is capable of handling any kind of migration with mailboxes of any size and any number of folders. There is a sample CSV file within the software which you can download and use for bulk migration. It also helps you to achieve a quicker migration.

Migrate Exchange public folders to Office 365

Quick mapping between Source & Destination

After adding the source & destination, you can map the source and destination mailboxes with each other. There is a simple drop-down list which shows the available mailboxes. You can select any destination mailbox/public folder/archive mailbox against a source mailbox/public folder/archive mailbox.

Migration Rollback

Free Demo version for evaluation

To learn the functional aspects of Kernel Office 365 Migration, you can download the trial version and run a full migration. It will complete the migration but with only 10 items per folder. Later, you can buy the full version from the website.

Follow the below steps:
  1. Run the tool and click the Add button in the Select Source section.
  2. Provide the Office 365 credentials of the account. Click the Add button.
  3. Click the Add button in the Select Destination section.
  4. Provide the credentials of the destination account. Click the Add button.
  5. Map the source and destination mailboxes.
  6. Provide appropriate filters and start the migration.
  7. The migration will start and will show the status of each folder.
  8. Get the complete report of migration.
Yes, all attachments, including the PDF files, will be migrated.

No. The data will remain in the source mailbox as the tool only copies the data to the destination.

Apart from Office 365, the tool performs the migration of Exchange and hosted Exchange data. It conducts various migrations like Exchange to Office 365, Exchange to Exchange, and Office 365 to Exchange, for hosted and on-premises deployments.
To automate the migration of multiple mailboxes, you should use a CSV file and enlist the mailboxes in it. It will save you from inputting the credentials of Office 365 mailboxes manually. The process is quite easier and quicker.
The tool migrates mailbox items to their specific folders, like emails will go to emails, contacts will go to contacts, and notes will go to notes. However, there is a unique feature in the Filter page where you can choose an option to save all data hierarchy into a new folder.
The too provides a sample CSV file on the Home page which you can download, and it has following columns which you need to fulfill -
  • Source Office 365 or Exchange Mailbox
  • Source Login Account(
  • Source Password
  • Source Server name (retain the default value for Office 365)
  • Destination Office 365 or Exchange Mailbox
  • Destination Login Account (
  • Destination Password
  • Destination Server name (Leave it blank for Office 365)
There is a special option on the filter page where you can check the option to exclude the empty folders and the tool will skip all the empty folder automatically.
Mapping is an important activity. If you do not map the mailboxes, then the tool will show error. You have to map the mailboxes and perform the migration again.
User Reviews
Kernel Office 365 Migration Kernel Office 365 Migration
(4.9 / 5) 435 Reviews
Easily migrate Office 365 mailboxes to Office 365. Marvelous solution, Indeed!!!
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Brilliant performance. I am surprised to see such efficient moving of data within minutes. Kudos!
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
After using the demo version, I was sure that this is the tool that I need to migrate my Office 365 mailboxes.
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