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Resolve – “This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items”

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Exchange 2010 Server is the latest version of the popular Microsoft Exchange Server application. This latest version includes many advanced features as compared to its older counterparts. Therefore, several businesses and individual users are migrating from older Exchange Server versions to Exchange Server 2010. The process of migration is critical and proper care must be taken while moving mailboxes from previous versions to 2010 server. Any mistake during the process may lead to corruption of Exchange mailbox and may show error messages. In such cases, you may need to opt for Exchange Server repair and recovery using a suitable repair tool for successful completion of the migration process.

Let us consider a similar scenario when an Exchange Server 2003 user tries to move his mailboxes to Exchange Server 2010. He encounters an error and the following error message is displayed

“This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items that were specified for this move request.”

This will stop the migration process and the user may not be able to move the user mailboxes. The cause for this error is that the user mailbox may have encountered too many corrupted items. The Microsoft Exchange Server is configured to skip the move request when the number of corrupted items in user mailbox exceeds certain number, which is set to 50 in the case above.


If you have also encountered similar error message, then you can follow one or more of the mentioned solutions:

a) You can increase the limit of allowed corrupted items from 50 to 100 or 200
b) You can try to repair the user mailbox by exporting it to Outlook PST file
c) You can use MFCMAPI tool to recognize the corruption status and delete them

If in spite of using these methods, you are still not able to repair your Exchange mailbox, then it is a good idea to use a third party tool to repair and restore corrupt Exchange mailboxes. These tools are embedded with advanced algorithm and scanning techniques and hence they are highly proficient in repairing Exchange files facing any sort of corruption issues.

One such professional and reliable tool is Kernel for Exchange Recovery. It is a feature-rich tool that easily extracts mailboxes from corrupt or damaged Exchange databases and save them as .pst or .edb file format. The software contains self-explanatory and easy-to-use GUI, which can be conveniently used by a non-technical user. So, if you are finding it difficult to manually follow the above mentioned solutions, simply use the tool. It displays the recovered data in a tree like structure for your preview before you save them. Kernel for Exchange Recovery is available as a fully-functional trial version and is compatible with almost all the major version of MS Exchange Server.

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