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Database corruption is the most talked about issue among professionals. Corruption of database files restricts users from accessing and using the data. The purpose of writing this blog is to introduce a manual repair solution (via Command Line tool) for corrupt Microsoft Access database files. Microsoft Access is a relational database management system which stores data in MDB or ACCDB file. It is used by software developers and designers to develop different software applications. But the data residing in Microsoft Access is not always safe but is prone to corruption owing to multiple factors. Corruption in the database leads to data inaccessibility, and the occurrence of multiple errors while running the application.

Before discussing the manual method to fix the issue, let us go through some of the reasons for the corrupted Microsoft Access databases.

Possible Causes for the Corruption in Microsoft Access Database

Here, we are listing some most common reasons behind the corruption of Microsoft Access Database files.

  • Interrupted data modifications
  • Continuous modifications in Memo field data
  • Abrupt shutdown of power supply
  • Interference by third-party plug-ins
  • Virus attacks, hardware failure, software bugs

After the causes of corruption are severe and can corrupt the database completely. All this corruptions raise the question that how to repair corrupt Microsoft Access Database.

Using the Command-Line to Repair Access Database File

If you are unable to access data from the Microsoft Access database file, then there is a strong chance of database corruption. This corruption or other errors can be rectified manually as well if the corruption is not severe.

Please go through the Command Line method, which can help you to repair the Access database files.

Restore from backup

There is a simple way to get the Microsoft Access database back, i.e., restoring the Access database from the backup file. Those users who do not back up their database files are advised to make regular backups in the future.

Using Microsoft Access interface

Users can try repairing the Access database file through Microsoft Access database application installed on their system. After taking the backup of your database file, just click Database Files ? Compact and Repair Database. After the repair is completed, exit from the database.

Repairing Access Database File from the Command Line

By executing certain commands in the Command Line tool (Command Prompt) of your system, you can compact and repair the corrupted Microsoft Access database file. This process is ideal and can be carried out only if the Access database is oversized or corrupted.

Microsoft Access database users can employ the following steps to repair their corrupt access database file.

  1. Go to the Search section on your system, type command in it and then right-click Command Prompt option and select Run as administrator option.
    Run command as administrator
  2. In the opened Command Line application, run the following command.

msaccess <path to database file >\<database file name> /compact

Please note that you have to provide the actual database file path in place of <path>path to database file name</path> and your Access database file name in place of <database>Database file name</database> section.

opened Command Line applicationgxsda

Hence, the Microsoft Access database file is compacted and repaired.

Know the Best Tool to Repair Corrupt Access Database

If the manual solutions are not easy for you, then certainly, you need professional software to fix it. Kernel Access Database Repair is your need now. Try this authentic utility to repair the corrupt Access database files (ACCDB, MDB files) without even need of an installed MS Access application on your system. It repairs all levels of corruption in the database without any glitch. It even recovers deleted records and objects from the files with the original structure. To experience the actual working of the tool before buying it, try its free trial version available on the website. The trial version repairs the files and displays its preview for free. So, choose your options carefully when stuck with a corrupted access database file.

Kernel for Access Database Repair