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Data Loss in the computer can be several forms where the user can accidentally delete the individual files or entire folders. If the deleted file is important for your business, then you need to recover the lost files and folders as soon as possible. Microsoft provides you the secure environment to maintain the data with the utmost security. But, if you have deleted the data knowingly or accidentally, then there are several methods to recovery the files.

Windows is certainly the most preferred operating system among individuals and organizations across the world. Windows operating systems are renowned for systematic data storage and user-friendly interface. Windows use FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) formats to save the system data in a systematic way. Both are traditional data storage formats used by Windows.

NTFS is the latest and preferred format to save system data on hard disk as it offers various facilities like:

  • Provides file level security
  • Supports large data storage
  • Automatically recovers the system from small disk errors
  • Allows you to put restrictions on specific files or folders to protect data

But various reasons like hard disk failure, accidental deletion, virus attack, unexpected shutdown, Windows registry corruption etc. can make you lose data. You might get different error messages as well like formatting error, Cannot delete or repair corrupted file on NTFS volume, hard disk error, etc. In this blog, we’ll particularly talk about the “Hard Disk error” and how to recover data lost due to this error.

Data Lost Error Message

We always keep personal and professional stuff like photographs, movies, videos, office mails, etc. on our system. In general, we’re not even bothered about the backup of this data and one fine day, we wake up to see that the hard disk of our system has failed or corrupted and the data stored in it has become inaccessible. As soon as you turn on your system, an error message saying “Critical Hard Disk Drive Error” appears. It means the hard disk of your system has been corrupted or damaged. As hard disk saves the entire data of your system, it becomes necessary to find solution to recover data from it.

Hard disk failure can happen anytime due to various reasons like virus attack, bad power supply, corrupted operating system files, damaged block and sectors, unexpected system shutdown, etc. This error occurs when Windows repair tool detects a bad sector on hard disk drive. Hard disk error may cause other problems as well like Data corruption or loss, Inaccessibility of hard drive and System error & failure.

Solution to Restore Data

Recovering data from bad sectors of hard disk can be unsafe as it creates more bad sectors and you can lose more data. To overcome this error, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Turn on computer. Click Start > Computer
  • Right Click Hard Disk drive and click on Properties
  • Click Tool tab > Error checking > click Check Now (It might ask you admin password, provide the same)
  • Now, select Automatically fix file system errors (It’ll automatically fix the problems with files and folders detected by scan)
  • Select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors to perform through disk check (It’ll find and repair physical errors on hard disk. This process can be time taking)
  • To check for both file errors and physical errors, select both
  • Click Start

The process can take several minutes depending on the size of your hard disk. For better results, do not perform any other task on your system while checking for errors on hard disk. You’re suggested to run chkdsk utility regularly to fix hard disk problems. Make sure that you update your security application regularly to protect your data on hard drive. However, there are chances that the hard disk error remains unresolved after performing the above mentioned steps. So, third party Windows recovery software comes into picture.

Using an authentic third party software like Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is the best way to recover data lost due to hard disk failure. The software is capable of recovering Windows data regardless of the cause of corruption. The software is very safe and secure to use. Equipped with three proficient data scanning methods, the software promises to recover Windows data in almost every situation including hard disk failure.

It is equipped with various advanced features and supports all available versions of Windows including latest 8.1. The software is also available in free demo version. To know more about the software, Visit this

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery
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