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Office 365 is amongst one of the widely used and most popular cloud platforms that provide the flexibility to enhance productivity in every organization. Earlier, when Microsoft 365 was introduced, it was a subscription bundle of Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Now, Microsoft is renaming a few of Office 365 subscription plans to Microsoft 365.

However, Microsoft also clarified that they won’t be changing the pricing or the features of the subscription plans, even after renaming the Office 365 business plans. On the other hand, the newly rebranded consumer subscription bundles were also unveiled during the announcement. The new names have applied to subscription plans from 21st April 2020.

From the medium of this article, the information related to modified Office 365 plan names and motto behind this renaming would be discussed to clear out confusions among the Office 365 admirers and users.

Changed Names of Office 365 Plans

Here, we tried to collect some information regarding the plans whose name will be changed to Microsoft 365, it includes:

  • Office 365 Business Premium is renamed to Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Office 365 Business Essentials is renamed to Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Office 365 Business and Office 365 Pro Plus is renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps

However, as mentioned above, only the name will be changed; there will be no modification in pricing or the functionalities of the subscription plans.

The primary goal behind renaming the Office 365 plans is to indicate to users that Microsoft is more than Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. The apps like Teams, Stream, Planner, and Forms are there, which could be utilized by any organization for better productivity and collaboration. Moreover, Microsoft has improved its existing core apps with cloud connectivity and AI features.

Enterprises that are willing to move to Office 365 might get confused about which plan they need to choose now. However, as per officials, renaming the subscription plans will help in simplifying things for users. So, you don’t have to worry about any renaming of the Office 365 subscription to Microsoft 365. Businesses that are already using Office 365 plans also need not to worry about this news.

Migrating to Office 365

If you are planning to move to Office 365, then there are various manual methods to migrate data to Office 365. But, these methods are only reliable if you have good technical knowledge of using native migration features.

However, we have some excellent Office 365 Migration tools that can help you migrate your Office 365 data. Our tools are ideal for every Windows platform and offer the flexibility to migrate from almost every other platform.


Renaming Office 365 subscriptions to Microsoft 365 wouldn’t make any effect on the plans like in pricing, functions, or services, as it is done to simplify the subscription plans for businesses so that they can choose the subscription which they need the most. Here, we tried to clarify the confusion that most companies might be facing after the Microsoft announcement. For users seeking migrator for Office 365 from their current email client or server, an excellent and bankable Cloud migration tool for Office 365 is recommended.

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