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Summary: The Office 365 tenant ID is a crucial identifier for tasks like programming and configuration. It can be found via Azure Active Directory. For tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration, the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool offers efficient solutions.

In various crucial scenarios such as programming, PowerBI Adoption Pack installation, Group Policy Object configuration in OneDrive, and more, obtaining the Office 365 tenant ID is essential. The Office 365 tenant ID is a unique identifier generated during the creation of the tenant, and it remains unalterable throughout its existence. As previously indicated, this ID plays a vital role in numerous diverse situations, emphasizing the importance of locating it.

With the use of Azure Active Directory, users can find out the Office 365 tenant ID is and can note it down for future use.

Note: Prior to locating the ID, users should be aware of their Tenant name, which can be found either in the Company profile by selecting the Technical contact email drop down or within the Domains tab of the Office 365 admin center.

Now, we will focus on the viable methods to find out the Office 365 tenant ID.

Find Office 365 Tenant ID

Find your Office 365 tenant ID (alphanumeric number) through Azure Active Directory:

Log in to Office 365 with global administrator credentials. Click the Admin option. In Office 365, follow Admin Centers>Azure AD. The Microsoft Azure portal will get open. Go to Azure ACTIVE DIRECTORY tab and select the default active directory. Once it is selected, go to the URL at your browser window, there you will find the Office 365 tenant ID between /Directory/ and /directoryQuickStart. Note down that alphanumeric tenant ID.


In the opened Azure Active Directory Admin Center, move to Manage tab and select Properties option. Now, go the Directory ID option, there you will get your Office 365 tenant ID directly.

Hence, you have easily found the tenant ID.

Is Tenant to Tenant Migrations Possible in Office 365?

In scenarios involving business acquisitions and mergers, where the need arises to transfer data from one Office 365 tenant to another (commonly referred to as tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration), we offer a seamless and highly efficient solution through the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool. This specialized tool is designed to facilitate a wide range of Office 365 migration tasks, encompassing tenant-to-tenant migrations as well.
Office 365 migration tool

This sophisticated tool offers intelligent filtering capabilities and supports the migration of shared mailboxes, archive mailboxes, public folders, and primary mailboxes. It also facilitates bulk mailbox migration through CSV files. To explore its full range of features, you can take advantage of the free trial version. Simply install it on your system and experience the migration process firsthand.


The Office 365 tenant ID is a crucial parameter to have on hand in various scenarios, and you can conveniently discover it using the methods outlined above. Furthermore, if you ever need to execute a data migration from one Office 365 tenant to another, the Kernel Office 365 Migration tool stands ready to assist you in this task.