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Are you using the international version of MS Outlook, and now you would like to change its default language? You don’t need to worry since it can easily be performed with MS Outlook itself, as it supports multiple languages and regions. This feature allows you to switch between the languages of your choice seamlessly. Many Outlook users have effectively used the Outlook application as they can work in their own language. This blog will explain how you can change the default display language in Outlook.

Change the Outlook Language

By default, MS Outlook runs in the specific language that is set to your device, but you can simply change it to any language that you want by following the below steps:

  1. First, Open Outlook and Click File from the top listed menu.Click File
  2. Click Options -> Language.Click Options Language
  3. Select your preferred language from the available languages listed on the wizard.
  4. Now, change the display language by clicking on the Set as Preferred option.Set as Preferred
  5. Finally, restart the Outlook application to save the changes.
Install Language Accessory Pack

If your desired language is unavailable in Outlook, first install a language accessory pack for Office on your system. You can install this pack after Office 365 installation to change the default Outlook language. It also includes proofing tools to check spelling or grammar and hyphenate text. To activate the specific pack in Office 365 after installation, you must follow the below steps:

  1. First, open Outlook and click Options -> Language.
  2. Next, select the language you downloaded from the Language pack.
  3. Finally, click Set as Preferred.

To reflect the changes, you need to restart your Outlook application.
Note: It might be possible that you see an error message with code 30029-1011 during the installation of the Language Pack. This error message shows while trying to install the pack using the VL version of Office 365. To install the specific pack, you must have a standard version of the Office 365 suite to install the translation packages. If you also face the same error message, get the standard Office 365 version, and repeat the installation process.

Change Outlook Spell Check Language

Now, you have installed a new language and set it to the default language for the Outlook application. Hence, it is necessary to check the grammar or spelling and hyphenate text based on the selected language. For this, you need to change the Outlook spell check language from the default system language by performing the below steps:

  1. In Outlook, click on Options -> Language
  2. Now, select your preferred language under Office Authoring languages and proofing.
  3. Finally, click Set as Set as Preferred
Change the language in Outlook Online

The default language of Outlook Online is set based on the language settings of your Microsoft 365 account. If you want to change it, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Outlook Online account and click on Settings.Click on Settings
  2. Click on View all Outlook Settings listed at the bottom of the wizard.View all Outlook Settings
  3. From the left menu options, click General.Click General
  4. Now, select your preferred language for Outlook Online and then click on Save to apply the changes.


The conversion of Outlook language into your familiar language helps in the effective use of the application. However most Outlook users feel comfortable with the default language, but in some special cases, they need to change it to another language to work effectively. Before attempting this, it is recommended to install a PST repair tool to restore corrupt PST files to prevent data loss. One such innovative tool, Kernel for Outlook PST Repair, offers a simple user interface to scan and repair Outlook PST files. It allows users to save it on various platforms such as Exchange Server, Gmail, Microsoft 365, etc. Furthermore, it is capable of repairing password-protected and archived PST files, even from ANSI or UNICODE formats.

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