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The word processor MS Word is a highly popular processor which generates qualitative printable material. And the PDF (portable document format) is the Adobe based document generation format. Many people use the PDF format for information exchange besides word format for creating reports or information exchange. In this blog we will look out for some reasons which make the users to go for a Word to PDF convertor

The following are the disadvantages of a MS Word document:

  • Limited compatibility: MS Word lacks compatibility with other MS Word formats and software versions. This lag delays the communication between two MS Word users.
  • Less Security Options: There is absence of security features in MS Word format. A user cannot assign passwords to the data created in PDF format.
  • Heavy and bulky size: The MS Word format is a heavy file format as compared to the PDF format. Moreover, it doesn’t have any option for compressing the file size.
  • Distorted data structure: The different page settings between two MS Word users can disturb the data structure during mail exchange.

These are some advantages of PDF file format during information exchange over a network:

  • More options: The PDF file format gives more options to its users i.e. freeware for retrieving & viewing the created information, compressing the information, etc.
  • Security: A user can assign passwords to the data created in PDF format. Also the PDF files cannot be edited without leaving the electronic footprint. The PDF format assures greater security to the information. Even the US federal government refers this file format for sending or receiving the confidential information.
  • A very light file format: The PDF is a very light file format than MS Word. It is 25% lighter than Word format and takes less time in downloading and attaching.
  • Portability: The PDF files are very much portable and compatible with other software versions and programs. The Windows based PDF file can be used on Unix or Macintosh based Operating systems.

If you have created large amount of information in Word format then you can convert it into PDF with the help of Kernel for Word to PDF. This software converts the MS Word file into Adobe PDF files.


PDF offers a great advantage over the document file due to the read-only environment and the better security while sharing the file. To protect the structure of Word file in PDF format, you should use Kernel Word to PST Converter software and convert multiple Word file into PDF simultaneously. The software gives you the best conversion service and multiple features to convert multiple Word files to PDF.

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