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Summary: This content discusses the importance of data recovery for lost or deleted digital photos and recommends using Kernel Photo Recovery software for the task. It outlines the steps to recover photos using the software and emphasizes its reliability in critical scenarios.

In the present day, traditional methods are falling by the wayside. In the past, we relied on DVDs, CDs, and Zip Drives to store media files such as photos, audio, and video. However, these storage solutions had their drawbacks, whether it was limited storage capacity or slow read/write speeds. Subsequently, technological advancements occurred, introducing us to Thumb Drives (Pen Drives), Flash Drives, SD Cards, and Micro SD Cards. Nowadays, transferring and storing data on a Pen Drive or Micro SD Card is a breeze, requiring minimal time and effort.

Despite the convenience of these compact devices that fit in the palm of your hand, there remains a lingering concern: the fear of “Data Loss.” This anxiety arises from potential threats like virus attacks and error messages such as “Removable drive is not accessible” or “the Removable drive is not available.” What steps would you take to recover those cherished moments you’ve captured over time in such situations?

How to Recover Photos?

The photos we take aren’t merely arrangements of pixels in a grid; they encapsulate profound significance, encompassing emotions, enduring memories, unforgettable moments, and beyond. And when you lose them anyhow, recovery is what you’ll think of first, but how would you recover lost or deleted digital photos?

Which Recovery Software Should You Use?

Kernel Photo Recovery stands as the ultimate choice for dependable photo recovery software. With this software, you gain the capability to retrieve lost or deleted photos from compromised storage devices, including USB drives, HDDs, Micro SD Cards, and more. Moreover, it extends its functionality to recover data from the recycle bin, making it an all-inclusive solution. This software facilitates the restoration of images and pictures in a range of file formats, even if they are corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible. Furthermore, it enables photo recovery in challenging situations, such as when Windows experiences corruption issues.

Recover Lost Photos with Ease

To achieve the goal of recovering the lost or deleted photos, Kernel Photo Recovery software is the safest & easiest too; follow the steps given below to start with the Photo Recovery:

  1. Launch Photo Recovery software.
  2. Select the drive for scan and click Next.Select the drive for scan
    Note: You can select any drive or storage media in the tool to begin the scan (both internal and external).
  3. In this step, select the Photo file format, click Photo file formatNote: JPG is the most common picture file format and used by a range of devices.
  4. Wait while the software finishes the scan.scan finishedNote: At any point, you can stop the process in case if you want to re-select the drive or browse for a different folder.
  5. After the scan is complete, all the Photos found will be shown, as below:previews of photos
  6. Select all the Photos/Pictures you want to recover.Select all the PhotosNote: To select multiple images, use CTRL + Click combination.
  7. Now, click Save, and browse for a location/path where you want the file to be saved after recovery. Click Ok.Browse to the location you selected to save the files in the last step; all Photos will now be available, in the same way as the original.


In situations where your USB drive or other storage media becomes corrupted, the need to recover your precious photos can become paramount. Look no further than our photo recovery software, which is the ultimate solution for retrieving your deleted photos. Give it a try today.

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